Video Review: Ava Max “Sweet But Psycho”

In black-and-white, Ava Max, holding an umbrella frowns as she watches a young man kiss his girlfriend.

Wearing a black bra top, a squash jacket and matching pants, she walks down the stairs and dances against the maroon wall.

She holds a knife while standing by her dresser. While sitting on the couch, she rips some t-shirts. She touches her mascara-streaked face. She texts the young man on her phone, asking him if he wants to come over for dinner. She carries a baseball bat and tosses a dart at his face on the dartboard. As she waits for him, she sips her drink and smokes.

Lit in electric blue, the young man follows her up the stairs. He smiles as he eats his salad. She carves the turkey and sticks her knife in it. He grins as he takes a bite. She serves him some wine and watches as he becomes woozy.

In a wedding dress, she chases him down the stairs with an axe. Lit in electric blue, he lies in bed unconscious as she touches his chest. Lit in blood-red, she laughs as she stands on the stairs.

Wearing a straitjacket as a corset, she tugs as his head as he sits tied in the chair. She dips her fingers in paint and scrapes them on the canvas. He inches away in the chair as she aims the knife at him. She draws on his body. He hides in the blood-red lit closet and screams a dead man falls out.

In her wedding dress, she pours gasoline on the bed and lights it on fire.

Rating: 2/5

Ava Max stands in her wedding dress, watching her house go up flames. Her next-door neighbor runs outside to her and puts her arm around Max’s shoulder. Sirens blare down the street and her neighbor says it’ll be okay. Max answers “my ex-boyfriend’s soul was taken to hell.” Her neighbor cocks her head and sighs with relief as the police arrive.

A firefighter rushes to put a blanket over her. A smile crosses her face and she caresses her chin, telling him he’s the one to save her from and asks if he wants to come over to dinner. She looks down at the charred lace of her dress and says “only a Vivienne Westwood would do.” The emergency medical technician guides to the back of the ambulance and asks what happened. Her eyes unmoving, she says only poison could turn him into an angel for her again.

The doctor excuses himself as the police officers come into the hospital room. She tells them hello and asks if they want anything, offering her styrofoam cup of water. They shake their heads and start asking questions about her ex-boyfriend. She says she poured gasoline over him and says she needs to go back home now. They pull out their handcuffs and she thrashes around. A nurse hurries in and she smacks her in the face. Several nurses hold her down and watches as the needle pricks her arm.

Director: Shomi Patwary Year: 2018

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