Video Review: Gin Blossoms “‘Til I Hear It From You”

As the camera moves to the right, a freckled twentysomething man smirks., a twentysomething woman nods her head, Jesse rubs his eyes, Robin sings at the microphone. A second twentysomething man hugs himself and then glances over his shoulder while a thirtysomething woman bites her lip as she glances over her shoulder.

A twentysomething woman, wearing a hot pink crop top and white jeans, whispers in the ears of her best friend. The twentysomething man (who hugged himself) laughs. The band plays on stage. A twentysomething woman, wearing a black jacket, folds her arms across her chest, the twentysomething woman (wearing the pink crop top) giggles and waves her hands in the air and a twentysomething woman spins in a ruby red chair. A group of friends talk. A black-haired twentysomething woman holds a bouquet of roses and hands one out to an unseen person. It moves back to everyone again.

The camera pauses on the twentysomething woman with roses and moves to the left. The group of friends continue to talk. A twentysomething in a striped tank top rolls his eyes. The freckled twentysomething man opens his eyes. A twentysomething woman, wearing a black leather coat, hugs her male friend.

Rating: 2/5

The twentysomething, wearing a pink crop top, rushes to her two friends. She says she found out the freckled man was going to ask out the woman handing out roses. Her best friend scrunches her nose, exclaiming “her?” Her best friend tells the woman spinning around in the ruby red chair. She yawns and then meets up with her friend, who wears black leather all the time. The woman in black leather plans to take down the woman who wears crop top and proclaims her a bitch.

A thirtysomething woman overhears the conversation and tells her group of friends, who both admire and envy  the woman in the pink crop. The thirtysomething woman offers up some information to the woman in the pink crop. The woman in the pink crop laughs as the thirtysomething woman walks away, stating “now she thinks we’re best friends but she’s only good for the gossip.”

The twentysomething man in the striped tank top taps the woman, handing out roses and the says the freckled man really likes her but warns the woman in the pink crop is trying to sabotage it. The woman calls up the freckled man and asks him out.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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