Video Review: Steve Winwood “Back In the High Life Again”

Steve Winwood sits on the bench at the train station.

At night, he and his girlfriend dance in the basketball court.

A train passes by in the early morning. His image upside down, he stares at the reflection of himself in the puddle. He walks on the sidewalk of the city.

He walks with his girlfriend at night through the city.

He performs on stage. By the train station, he calls someone on the payphone.

He and his girlfriend hold hands as they walk on the trail.

He leans against a streetlight on the sidewalk.

He and his girlfriend pass a house on the trail. He sits by himself at the door of the house and walks on the train tracks. He leans against the stop sign.

He walks with his girlfriend by the lake. They cuddle on the grass and hold hands as they walk on the trail again.

Rating: 2/5

Steve Winwood hangs up the phone and gets out the steak out of the freezer. Finally something good happened in his life. His ex-wife allowed him to talk to his children. He asked his daughter about her schoolwork and she told him she had a crush on a boy in her class. She told him she couldn’t wait to see him next weekend.  It was progress.

Every weekend, he sat on the bench at the train station. A few times he got in line to buy a one-way ticket. However, as he waited, he thought of his children and realized he couldn’t do it to them. There was too much to lose. His attorney told him to hang on and it wasn’t over yet.

He dumps the bottle in the sink and talks with one of his female co-workers. Through the divorce, the female co-worker had been his confidant. He liked her but didn’t know if he want to be involved again. She gave him space and didn’t push for a relationship. There was no need to rush.

During a meeting, his boss tells he did a good job on the presentation. He thanks his boss and listens to the next steps. For the first time in months, it seems as though his life is returning to normal.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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