Video Review: Nico & Vinz “Am I Wrong”

As the sun sets in Maun, Botswana, Vinz carries his television set in the dry forest. Nico climbs up a tree. Vinz rides in a van. Nico taps his televison and fixes the antenna. Some kids walk in the forest. Nico walks on a log and walks across the river. Several kids sit on the edge and watch him.

Vinz plays with some kids as they play with their homemade cars. The kids help Nico with television. Nico takes a boat ride and fans his face with his hat. Nico plays a game in the sand with a fortysomething man. The kids point sticks towards Vinz’s television and race towards him. Nico dances in front of the Pull In Tuck Stop.

Vinz asks someone who has a satellite to help him. Nico pulls weights and  meets someone by two planes. Vinz camps in the forest with a family. Vinz shakes his television and hitchhikes. Vinz sits in the road and slams his television on the ground.

Nico and Vinz find each other in Okavango Delta. Nico mans a horse carriage. Nico and Vinz sings at Victoria Falls. Vinz sits with the some kids by the side of the road and gives them high-fives.

Rating: 4/5

Nico couldn’t get his television set to work. He couldn’t get a signal regardless of where he went. Some kids stop him and ask him where he’s going. He explains he’s trying to find his friend but can’t. The kids fiddle with the set and open it. A kid suggests his dad may know someone who may know where Vinz may be. Nico picks up some lines on televison while at the Pull-In Tuck Stop. The clerk allows him to stay for a few hours as he holds up his television. A few fuzzy images have appeared on his screen but there still wasn’t any sound.

Vinz traveled a distance to get back to Maun. He wandered off path after getting some images on his television. The kids in town tell him they have seen Vinz and think he’s camping out in the forest. Vinz hitchhikes into town and finds someone with a satellite. The person with the satellite takes a look at it and makes some adjustments. On screen, Vinz is able to see enough of where Vinz is and asks the kids in town for directions. They tell him they saw Nico camping near the Okavango Delta.

Once they meet up again, they point in different directions, explaining where each had been. Nico says he must’ve missed him at some point while in town. Vinz says his television set broke down at some point and he was unable to get any messages. They return back to town together and thank everyone who took their time to help them.

Director: Kavar Singh Year: 2013

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