Video Review: Benny Blanco & Calvin Harris “I Found You”

Against a tortilla background, Benny Blanco stands with his arms folded and then paces barefoot. He snaps his fingers and pushes his hands in front of him as he steps back. Tory Lanez shows him a move and practices it with him.

Blanco shuffles his feet as he moves in a circle, his arms at his sides. Francis and the Lights stands with him and puts his hand on his chin. Blanco copies the gesture. Francis and the Lights dances behind him and then walks off the stage. He watches as Lil Dicky, in a tan suit, runs around in a circle. Lil Dicky tells him to stop and hands him a daisy. He bends down and gives him a hug around his waist. Blanco helps Lil Dicky up and spins him. Blanco throws the daisy back to him.

Blanco walks out of the frame and brings his mom out to dance with him. Halsey runs into his arms. Blanco, his mom, and Halsey step back and forth. They walk out of the frame. The director pats him on the back. His friends clap. Cashmere Cat pats the director’s butt.

Rating: 3.5/5

Benny Blanco wants to hide underground and not come out for a month as he moves his feet on stage. In the corner of his eye, he sees Lil Dicky make a funny face and Halsey smile at him. His mom waves to him.

Tory Lanez, though, can’t watch his friend shrink from embarrassment. He runs out to the stage and shows him a move. They practice it. Before he leaves, he tells Blanco he’s a good job. He nods his head as Blanco dances and tries to shadow the moves for him.

Lil Dicky understands his friend is having a tough time and wants to make him laugh. Blanco had told him beforehand he was dreading the shoot and wished they had hired a choreographer or group of professional dancers instead. A smile crosses Blanco’s face for the time in hours.

Halsey thinks Lanez meant well. However, it only seemed to make Blanco even more self-conscious. During a break, she talked with Blanco’s mom and ran an idea past her. Blanco’s mom said she was glad he had close friends like her. Halsey shrugs and says it’s the least she can do after all Blanco has done for her.

Director: Jake Schreier Year: 2018

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