Video Review: Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars & Kodak Black “Wake Up In The Sky”

Gucci Mane wears a white fur coat as he sits in the dressing room,

Mars, Mane and Kodak Black perform in glittering suits on stage.

Mane stands in front of a three-way mirror.

Mars, Black and Mane sit on a tiered white platform. They pump their arms and run a finger underneath their noses.

Mane hands rose to a young woman in the audience. Mars shakes the microphone.

A shirtless Black sits in the center of the tiered white platform. Women sitting on the edge of the platform clap.

As silver confetti falls, Mars, Black and Mane clink their glasses of champagne as they sit on the white, tiered platform. The women wave and dance.

Rating: 2/5

Gucci Mane straightens his suit in the dressing room and picks out some gold cufflinks. Bruno Mars knocks on the door and opens it after Mane tells him it’s okay. Mars sits down next to him and wants to know the truth: is Mane trying to sabotage the group? Mane shakes his head no and says it’s industry gossip. Mars pats him on the back and says he’ll see him out on stage.

Mars walks with his head down while he walks to the stage. A few crew members tell him “hello” and he forces a smile. It was all going to end soon. Mane, the self-proclaimed star of the group, had implied in interviews the group was holding him back. He was giving tours of his mansion for magazines and dating a famous Hollywood star.

Kodak Black pulls Mars aside and asks him what he found out. Mars shrugs and says Mane denied it. Black says they are screwed. A month later, Mane stopped showing for appearances and announced he was leaving to go solo. Mars and Black learned the news online.

Although Mane released a high-charting debut single, his album was shelved by the label. His Hollywood girlfriend accused him of cheating on her with multiple women and broke off their engagement. He lost his mansion and had to file bankruptcy.

It was Mars though, who became the superstar. Two years after the breakup, he worked on his solo album. He turned down the offer for a reality show and opted to guest star on television shows. His recurring character on a drama earned him an Emmy. Once his album was released, it broke numerous records. In the liner notes, he thanked his best friend, Kodak Black for helping him through some tough times.

Kodak Black had taken a job on a sitcom, which was cancelled after the following May. He went to auditions for comedy and drama shows. Most of pilots never got picked up. Mars sent him a movie script he received and said he would be great for it. It was Black’s breakout role. At the Golden Globes, Black and Mars find each other on the red carpet and do a joint interview with a talk show host. Mars calls Black his best friend and says working together in the group bonded them forever. The talk show host congratulates them and says good luck.

Directors: Mars & Florent Dechard Year: 2018

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