Video Review: Tears For Fears “Head Over Heels”

Roland carries a dozen books into the library. A blonde woman at a table and shushes the person next to her. The monkey copies her. He places them on the librarian’s desk. She straightens her glasses as he talks.

The blonde woman talks to the monkey. The librarian sighs and checks books in while he walks away. He opens the card catalog and the contents fly out of the drawer. Ian approaches the librarian’s desk and she gives him a keyboard.

He holds an index card as he walks up the stairs. The librarian removes a book from the shelf as he smiles at her. He talks to her and levitates to the second floor. Some violinists play on the second floor. He passes a man wearing a gas mask in one of the aisles. Curt gives the monkey a high-five. Roland points a toy gun at the librarian and she tweaks his nose.

Animated four-leaf clovers spring up by the librarian’s desk.

The band plays on stage.

Ian reaches out his hand as books fly past him. The monkey claps once Ian catches a book. Curt gives the monkey a kiss.

Filmed through a sepia filter, a sixtysomething Roland reads a book in his study. His wife, the librarian, sets down a cup of coffee for him.

Rating: 3/5

The librarian’s eyebrows raise while Roland says he really wanted Jane and Winston to be together in George Orwell’s 1984. She says the betrayal was inevitable. He asks her for another recommendation. She laughs and says he has borrowed half the library. He tells her it’s the only way he knows how to talk to her. She says she likes movies, too. He asks her to see a film based on a book and wants to know her opinion on the adaption.

Ian puts out chips and salsa for the football game. He asks Roland to bring out the soda and beer. Roland says he can’t. He has a date with librarian. Ian says he’ll miss a great game. It’s expected to be a nail-biter. Roland tells him he’ll watch the highlights on the news.

On his third date with her, he says he’s a huge sports fan. It was how he bonded with his father as a kid. She says and tells him she loves shopping. Usually, she’s at the mall, searching through the clearance racks. He takes her hand and holds it as they walk in the park.

A year later, he asks Ian to be his best man at his wedding. He becomes a professor at a the university, teaching English literature. She travels overseas and becomes an activist. They raise two children together. He notices she’s frail and thinks of retiring soon. They may not have long much longer each other.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1985

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