Video Review: Avril Lavigne “Tell Me When It’s Over”

The door of a bubblegum pink lit opens into the family room. Avril Lavigne and her boyfriend lie on the floor, their heads touching as they sit by the Christmas tree.

In the backyard, she plays the piano.

She hands him his present and whispers in his ear while he takes off the ribbon. They dance.

She sits on his lap in the backyard. He whispers in her ear and sips his wine. She giggles as she holds her peach. On the porch, he puts his hands in hair and tries to grab the phone her. She continues to text and he smashes it on the pavement. He kisses her on the cheek as they sit on the steps.

A second door opens to an electric blue lit bedroom. She and her boyfriend roll away from one another. He stands with his arms crossed by the doorway, leading into the family room. She plays the piano inside the house.

Back in the electric blue lit bedroom, he packs up his things in a duffel bag and leaves. She walks down the hallway. He closes the door to the family room and lies alone in their bed.

She opens the front door and he stands in the corner, his hands in his pockets with a grin.

She continues to walk down the hallway.

Rating: 3/5

On Christmas morning, Avril Lavigne taps her boyfriend on his shoulder to wake him up. She wishes him “Merry Christmas” as he opens his eyes and asks if he wants to see what Santa brought them. He grins and says he has been naughty this year. She giggles and tells him Santa made an exception.

She turns on the tree and puts on some festive music while she waits. He kisses her on the cheek as he walks into the family room. She gives him his present: a two-week vacation to France and Italy. He exclaims that he can’t wait to eat the pasta in Italy and he’ll put the time off from work tomorrow. He gives her a present: a diamond ring. He gets down on one knee and proposes to her, saying he can’t imagine the rest of his life without it.

By New Year’s, though, she was over at the telecommunications store, buying a new phone. She posted on social media for everyone to direct message her with their numbers again. Her ring finger was bare. Her mom told her he had a point and she needs to be with him. “You’re taking his side!” she exclaims and fumes as she takes down the tree.

However, at the end of the week, she receives a bouquet of roses at her job. In the note, he apologizes and says he’ll be home tonight. She puts her ring back on and tells her co-workers she’s getting engaged. One of her friends asks to plan the engagement party and while another wants to know if they have a set a date. She says they haven’t made any decisions yet and decided to take their time. Looking at her ring, she thinks in another six months, he could be gone.

Director: Erica Silverman Year: 2018

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