Video Review: Restless Heart “When She Cries”

Light shines through three windows inside a warehouse. Dave, Paul, Greg and John walk to their instruments. A young woman stares out of the window of the warehouse. They play their instruments.

The young woman walks past a sheet. Lit in royal blue, they play their instruments by themselves. She puts her hand on the second floor railing. She looks into the mirror. Two lit candles illuminate the bathroom.  Her head down, she walks away from the window.

Dave, Paul, Greg and John leave their instruments.

Rating: 2/5

John had to get out of the house. He leaves a note for his girlfriend on the counter and takes a walk. He pulls his arms together to his chest to warm himself up. Dave waves at him from the entrance of the diner and he crosses the street.

John says his girlfriend won’t tell him what’s wrong. At night, she shuts the bathroom door and turns on the faucet. He can her crying as she’s in the bathroom. She returns back to bed, her eyes red and puffy. He lies awake until he knows she falls asleep. It bothers him she won’t tell him what’s wrong. Dave responds to give her some time. John says he has. However, she’s depressed all the time. He’s tried talking to her parents but they brushed it off, saying she’ll get over it. It happened before and she was okay.

Dave suggests she may need to see a doctor. John says he hopes he can convince her to go. He’ll try to bring it up to her over the weekend. Dave agrees it’ll be best to talk to her then. The server asks them what they would like to order. John says he’ll have a side of fries. Dave urges him to get something else. John shakes his head and says he’s not all that hungry. Dave orders a full meal and says he’ll have Italian dressing on his salad. The server arrives with Dave’s salad and he gives it to John. John says “thanks” and starts to eat.

Director: Wayne Miller Year: 1992

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