Video Review: LSD “Genius”

An animated Sia smiles within the orange sun in the fuchsia sky. Stars twinkle as Labrinth talks within the half-moon. Sia pricks the moon and pops it.

The screen splits into two. A cat sits in the middle, its tail swinging back and forth. On the left, Labrinth springs from the ocean. Sia floats on a cloud on the right. She sits on daisies and a rainbow. Bees fly into Labrinth’s ear on the left. Sia dreams of ice cream while she sleeps on the rainbow. She blows a bubble while Labrinth holds a telephone.

On the left, Labrinth stands on the roof of an aqua house, holding the telephone. A cat crawls on the candy red house on the right. Sia sits on the roof and reads a book. Labrinth turns into a cat. He meows within the moon. On the right, the cat stands within the candy red sun.

A human mouse breaks an egg over his knee. Sia rides a lion in the center of the road. A monkey bangs on a drum while he leads her. An elephant walks behind her. She opens her compact and thought bubbles of Labrinth pop up. A spaceship teleports Sia as they pass a castle and drops her into Labrinth’s car. The car follows the monkey.

Several blocks build. Sia and Labrinth rise from them and set up other blocks. Labrinth and Sia fall as the blocks spin. A person creates a pattern. The human mouse watches a puffy Sia and Labrinth on television. Lines scratch the sheets of paper monitoring Labrinth and Sia’s brains.

Sia forms from an explosion of white smoke. Sia frowns while she watches the Diplo rocket fly above her in the night sky. The Diplo rocket chases after Sia and Labrinth. A crane lifts up Sia ino the Diplo rocket. The human mouse drops an egg underneath his shirt. A few windows open and close while the Diplo rocket moves through them. Sia climbs into one while a smiley face emoji flies in the air.

A person waves their hands over a globe with Sia in it. Inside a square, Labrinth climbs into a window, gets kicked out and breaks the white lining. Labrinth lands on flowers and falls asleep. He dreams of a human mouse playing music and several mice dancing in a pool. A human mouse performs a science experiment and paints. A butterfly carries him over the flowers and takes him to the Diplo rocket. Labrinth opens a door and climbs a ladder to Sia. They hold hands and fall in love.

A lavender heart forms over the Diplo rocket. The Diplo rocket wears heart glasses and takes off. Blue smoke fills the screen.

Rating: 5/5

Sia skips into the neighborhood and knocks on his door. She asks him if he wants to come over and play. Labrinth slumps his shoulder and tells her he doesn’t feel like it. Sia looks up at the sky above his house while it turns into night. She hops back into her house and sits underneath the balmy sun. She reads a book as her cat cuddles by her. Labrinth, though, wants to call and her apologize but her mother tells her she’s over at another friend’s house.

Labrinth watches the parade from his window. He sees Sia on her lion, waving to her neighbors. Labrinth gets into his car and drives into the mountain, viewing the castles. Sia sees the spaceship and befriends a human mouse. The human mouse wants to take her but Labrinth is able to pull Sia back into his car.

A human mouse finds them and takes them into a lab for experiments. The human voice determines they love each other. Sia swoons while Labrinth exclaims “yuck!” The human mouse drops them on the planet. Labrinth warns Sia of the Diplo rocket. It takes people from the opposite of their home and they are never found again. Sia throws her fist and threatens the Diplo rocket. Labrinth tells her to run. However, the Diplo rocket captures her. He realizes he cares about her and has to save her.

A butterfly helps him and he is able to rescue her by twisting the knobs in the Diplo rocket. He reprograms the location to their home. Back home, he holds her hand and tells her he loves her. He’ll never leave her side again.

Director: Ben Jones Year: 2018

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