Video Review: Sweet Sensation “Hooked On You (Remix)”

A photographer follows Sheila, Betty and Margie on the runway. They walk the runway in off-the-shoulder dresses with a ruffled tulle skirt. They pose in black-and-white at the entrance.

A crew member wheels out a rack of clothes and admires them in their black bra tops and high-waisted skirts. Betty, though, wears a black cutout dress. They model a line of summer wear. A stylist’s mouth forms an “o” as he watches Sweet Sensation. Margie dances in her orange off-the-shoulder dress while the photographer talks with the two crew members.

Wearing white bra tops, skirts and heels, they stand by painted white columns inside the studio. A crew member leads a white pony past them. The photographer changes his angle while Sweet Sensation pet the pony.

In black-and-white, the photographer laughs as he takes pictures of the group in their dressing room. Betty pushes him out. A stylist offers Betty a few dress options as she gets her hair done.

In color, Betty, wearing a minidress, walks into the photographer’s office and smiles at him.

Back in black-and-white, Betty plays with a curling iron.

In color, the two crew members dance by the rack of clothes.

In black-and-white, the photographer lifts Betty’s chin and takes a photo. Sheila fluffs her hair. Margie takes off her sunglasses.

Back in color, Margie walks with a dog on the runway. The photographer dances with the crew members. They sit on the patio, wearing white one-piece bathing suits. Betty lounges on a piano.

Wearing casual clothes, they spray paint black-and-white enlarged photos of themselves.

Rating: 4/5

Margie looks from left to right in the mirror as the stylist asks her being a singer. Margie says she’s wanted to be a singer since she was a kid. She’d perform with her sister for her family. The stylist says she could be a model and says she knows some designers who’d love her in their shows. Margie asks her about the designers. As the stylist combs her hair, she tells stories of designers running backstage, making last minute fixes and how one famous model tore an outfit before going out on the runway.

Betty giggles as the photographers sits by her. He brushes her hair away from her ear and touches her shoulder to fix a strap of her dress. She smiles and looks down. A stylist had warned her off the photographer and asked her to keep him out of the dressing room. She laughs and says to him that he needs to leave. He takes photos of her as she closes the door. After the shoot, she walks into his office and leans into him as he examines the day’s photos. He picks his favorite of hers and they kiss. He tells her she’s going to be a star as they make out.

Sheila asks the stylist questions and wants to know where she worked before. She talks to the costume designers and asks how to find the clothes. She follows the photographer’s assistant into the office and watches how she prepares the film. During a break, she talks to the crew members. She listens as they talk about their work with high-profile fashion magazines. She explains she wants to learn as much as she can.  While she likes singing, she wants to work behind the scenes once their contract with record company expires. She takes down phone numbers and tucks business cards in the pocket of her bathrobe.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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