Video Review: John Legend & Esperanza Spalding “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

John Legend opens the curtain on stage and sits on the couch. He drinks his coffee. Two kids sit next to him and eat some of the cookies left for Santa.

Esperanza Spalding sits on the television as the two kids decorate the tree.

Spalding and Legend perform on stage. A red curtain twinkles with lights behind them. The kids listen as they sit the tables.

At the dinner table, Legend sits with the kids as they talk and take bites out of the ham.

Legend sits on a throne with two rows of candy canes set up to create a path. Two Christmas trees sit on each side with presents underneath.

Legend, Spalding and three kids sing carols outside their door.

A kid plays the trombone on stage.Santa, who is a child, sits on the throne, waiting to see the kids.  A kid stands behind the counter of a bakery, spilling the contents of the bowl. An eight-year-old girl opens a music box and begins to dance. The kid behind the counter hands a cake to an eight-year-old girl with a mustache.

Two crew members toss rice as they stand on each side of the door. A crew member flicks a disco ball to create the sparkling walls as the eight-year-old girl dances. Two crew members hold up the curtain while Legend and Spalding perform on stage. A crew member holds the boom mike over the table while the kids eat.

Legend gets off the couch and closes the curtain.

Rating: 3/5

The eight-year-old practices for her role in the Nutcracker. She asks for John Legend and Esperanza Spalding to watch her. They clap for her as she pirouettes. She says she hopes Santa brings her new ballet slippers and leotards for Christmas.

In the kitchen, Spalding helps the kids bake. One of the kids says he wants to decorate the cookies and shows them his drawing ideas. Spalding says they are really good and they can use them as guides. He asks Spalding if he Santa can carry all the toys he wants for Christmas. Spalding tells him he’ll carry what he can handle.

On Christmas Eve, the kids eat their ham and debate their favorite reindeer. Legend jumps in, saying Santa Claus did the right thing. A little girl wants to know around what time Santa will be coming. Legend shrugs and says he doesn’t know. She says she wants to meet him someday.

After dinner, Legend, Spalding and their kids go caroling around the neighborhood. They stop at a homeless shelter to donate some old clothes and canned goods. At home, Legend tells the kids it’s time for bed. The kids set out the cookies for Santa. They ask if they can have another cookie. Spalding says they can. After their snack, they race to bed and tell them to say hi to Santa if they see him. Legend and Spalding check on the kids and finish wrapping the last of the presents.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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