Video Review: Kelly Clarkson “Wrapped In Red”

In home video footage, an eight-year-old Kelly Clarkson plays in the snow with her wagon.

Against a white background, she laughs.

As an eight-year-old, she slides in the snow on her toboggan. She and her siblings hang out together in the front yard.

On a rooftop lit by lightbulbs and lanterns, she sings at microphone.

Snow falls in the forest and over a street light.

Against a red background of stars, she sings.

As a child, she opens a present on Christmas morning. Her parents decorate the tree. Her family attends the Christmas tree lighting in the city.

She continues to sing on the rooftop.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kelly Clarkson helps her mother set the table for Christmas Eve dinner. Her mother asks if she’s going to see her crush at Midnight Mass. Clarkson answers she doesn’t know while she places the silverware on the napkins. She adds he’s not a religious person. Her sister says takes a bite of the shrimp on the table and says “he goes every year with us.” Clarkson shrugs and says he could’ve met someone.

She watches her sister kiss her boyfriend underneath the mistletoe and she looks down at the floor. Her brother starts playing the piano and his wife puts his around him as he sings. He calls for Clarkson to come over. Her sister puts her arm around her as she sings with Clarkson.

The doorbell rings. Clarkson picks up the dog and gives him a kiss while her sister answers the door. Her sister exclaims “so glad you’re here!” and gives her crush a hug. Clarkson freezes as her crush waves hello to her. He walks up to her and hands her a present. He picks up the dog and tells him he’s a cute boy. She unties the ribbons and tears off the wrapping necklace. As she opens the box, she puts her hand over her mouth. It was a diamond necklace. He puts it around her neck and then holds her hand. He leads her to the mistletoe and kisses her. Her family cheers. Clarkson puts her hand over her face, her face turning red. Her crush rubs her back and smiles at her family.

Director: Jones Crow Year: 2014

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