Video Review: Carly Rae Jepsen “Party For One (Version 2)”

A delivery man carries silver balloons and rings the doorbell of Carly Rae Jepsen’s home. She pulls the cover over self and takes off her eye mask. She walks downstairs and peeks out the window. The man hands her the balloons but she tells him to wait for her. She opens the door and cuts the strings of the balloons with scissors. He watches balloons fly into the sky.

She slides into her family room and dances. In the kitchen, she breaks an egg and drops it in the mixer. She puts a layer of cake in the oven. Sitting by the oven, she looks up as eggshells fall onto the floor. She juggles her four layer cake and blows out the candle.

With the lights out in the family room, she eats popcorn and watches a movie. She stands holds a star as she dances by the wall.

She searches her closet for an outfit to wear and tries on a dress. While laser lights bounce against the wall. she sings with her comb and holds a ceramic star. She puts on a bathing suit and jumps into the pool at night. She continues to sing in her family room.

Rating: 5/5

Carly Rae Jepsen gives some flowers to the hospital. The representative tells her it would brighten up the patients’ days. She hands Jepsen a receipt and thanks her for her donation. She tucks the receipt in her container and gets out a marker. She labels the box for Soldier’s Angels and stacks the coffee inside. While carrying the box to her car, she sees a note in the door and rolls her eyes.

Being alone is what she really needs now. There were parts of herself she forgot while she was with her ex-boyfriend. At her job, she was known for the best baker in the office. However, she stopped once she started dating him. She said she was too busy to take any orders or participate in the potlucks. However, he wanted her to eat healthy and cut out sweets.

She pops a bowl of popcorn and covers it with melted butter. As she takes a bite, she lets licks the butter off her lips and fingers. Finding a napkin, she wipes her hands and chooses her favorite movie to watch on television. In the middle of it, she puts on some music and decides to dance. Out of breath and sore, she flops back on the couch and finishes the movie. At 1 a.m., she puts on her bathing suit and cannonballs into the pool.

In the morning, she texts some friends hello. They exclaim “oh my God!” and she makes plans to go out with them. She smiles to herself as she scraps the whipped cream on her spoon and puts it on her waffle. She answers texts between bites. Butterflies flutter in her stomach. She can’t wait to see her friends again.

Director: David Kalani Larkins Year: 2018

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