Video Review: Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch & Loleatta Holloway “Good Vibrations”

In black-and-white, Marky Mark throws some punches in front of a cracked mirror at the boxing gym. Three male dancers perform inside a warehouse. A male dancer moves his feet in a puddle.

Marky Mark makes out with a young woman. He hits a punching bag and drops a barbell.  The young woman grips the chain-link fence with her fingers as she kisses him by the gym.

Marky Mark walks into the warehouse with his friends. He talks to the young woman in bed and kisses her. Three female dancers perform in the warehouse. A fortysomething man plays the piano. Loleatta Holloway sings by a window lined with bars.

Rating: 2/5

Marky Mark kisses a young woman after a match. His coach asks him if they are dating. He shrugs and says “sort of.” His coach wants to know if he’s being safe. He answers yes. His coach finishes wrapping his wrist and tells him to be careful. He wants to know if he’s coming over for dinner. Marky Mark says he’ll be there at 6 pm. His coach says to bring his girlfriend along. He’d like to meet her.

Marky Mark walks up to the young woman and asks if she would like to go over his coach’s house for dinner. “Meet the parents, huh?” she pokes him in the arm and holds his hand as they leave. He tells her she doesn’t have to go. She says she would love to get to know his coach.

His coach asks the young woman to pass the vegetables. She tells his wife it’s a wonderful. She’s used to microwaving tv dinners. His wife says thank you and asks how she met Marky Mark. She says they met at the basketball court. She saw him play while walking to work and stopped to watch him. As she bites into a roll, she says he hasn’t played a game in a while, though. Marky Mark explains he’s trying to find a job. His coach wants to know if he’s any luck. Marky Mark says he’s had a couple of interviews and waiting to hear back.

The young woman kisses Marky Mark as they leave his coach’s house. She says they were really nice and sees why he speaks so highly of them. Marky Mark says they took him in after his parents kicked him out. As he drives her home, he says he loves her. While at dinner, he realized he would like to have the relationship his coach has with his wife. She grins and kisses him. She tells she’ll see him at the gym tomorrow as she opens the car door. He watches turn the key into the door and walk inside her home.

Director: Scott Kalvert Year: 1991

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