Video Review: Beenie Man & Janet Jackson “Feel It Boy”

A fiftysomething man hangs out by the swinging Beach sign. A man cuts into the watermelons on the picnic table.  Beenie Man walks with a young woman past the police officers. Several men ride their bicycles by the vendors.

A second young woman jerks a third woman’s head as she does her hair. A fourth young woman eats a sno-cone. Several women watch a bare-chested man do pull-ups on a bar. Two ten-year-old boys peek through the wooden fence of the women’s changing rooms. They are screamed at by a fifth young woman, who covers her breasts with her hands. Janet Jackson lies on a towel near the ocean.

Jackson and Beenie Man dance together on the beach.

Beenie Man sits on a lounge chair. The young woman sits next to him. A group of kids run towards a woman holding a stack of towels on her head. A young man spills his drink as he sleeps in his lounge chair. Two young men splash buckets of water on a sixth young man’s body. A second young man does push-ups on his towel. A couple argues.

Beenie Man drives onto the beach. A group of kids play a game and scramble for the ball. A third young man films a seventh young woman as she poses on the sand. Beenie Man checks out Jackson and dances in his car. The young woman and Beenie Man dance at the club.

Jackson and Beenie Man continue to dance alone.

Rating: 2.5/5

Janet Jackson digs her toes in the sand as she waits for her drink. She eyes Beenie Man in the corner, talking with his girlfriend. He smiles at her and she looks down, then up again at him. As she walks back to her towel, she sees two police officers lecture two young boys about peeping through the fence. A young man offers some watermelon. She takes a slice and bites into it, the juice glistening down her chin.

Beenie Man’s girlfriend side-eyes her as she bumps into her. Jackson glares back at her. A few of Jackson’s friends wave her down by the shore. She picks up her blanket and sits in a lounge chair. Her best friend asks if Beenie Man has talked to her yet. She says not yet and explains he’s here with his girlfriend. “Of course,” her best friend responds and says closes her eyes. Jackson watches the kids play a game on the beach.

Jackson talks to the DJ in between breaks. Beenie Man pulls her aside and says he wants to talk. He dances close to her and says he’s glad to have some time alone with her. Jackson asks about his girlfriend. He says he isn’t in love with her. Jackson and Beenie dance by themselves. He tells her she’s beautiful. Jackson puts her arms around him and puts her head on his shoulder.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2002

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