Video Review: Portugal. The Man “Easy Tiger”

An animated outline of an angel wears a halo. A brain has devil horns over it. A rope becomes a chain. Against the pink background, a blue cloud forms. A grave states “R.I.P.”. Lavender colors the screen with splotches of blue. It changes to a black background. A tiger roars.

Blobs of orange and red float against the blue background. An eye blinks with twinkling stars around it against a black background. The earth rotates. A flower blooms against a white background. Ever is written in block letters as different colors flash behind it. A hand gives the middle finger. A tiger runs. A skeleton rolls it eyes.  A can of P.T.M. pours out. An ice cream melts. A diamond shines. A headless man runs. Sneakers hang on a string. Several eyes form. An unseen car drives down an endless road.

Rating: 1/5

The troubled tiger roars to tell people to back off. It runs in the oblivion, searching for something to stop its craving. The tiger believes there’s an end somewhere and is determined to find it. However, the tiger has to face challenges from a tightrope cutting its skin and chewing through a fence.

There is no time to think of right or wrong. It has to hunt. Sometimes, it means chasing after a reckless human. In the cluttered world, the tiger steps on a valuable diamond and hurts it paw. It learns to trust a human, who takes him to a rescue center. He is rehomed to a sanctuary but gets sick. He misses seeing some of the other tigers who once stayed with him. They are gone and he doesn’t know why. A strange caretaker pulls him on the leash and he wakes up in another shelter. The caretaker pets him and says he was really fortunate. He rests his head in the arms of his caretaker and hopes its his final to place to live.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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