Video Review: Charli XCX & Troye Sivan “1999”

Charli XCX, wearing Beats By Dre headphones around her neck, types on her phone as she waits by the curb at night.  Her Lyft driver picks her up and she puts on her headphones. She continues to text her friend.

As Steve Jobs, she sits cross-legged with iMac G3 on her lap. She’s a member of TLC dancing in the ocean in the “Waterfalls” video. Referencing the 1997 movie, Titanic, she’s Rose at the edge of the boat while Jack (Troye Sivan) stands behind her. As Baby Spice, she punches the screen in the “Say You’ll Be There” video. Against a royal blue screen, she’s Gregg from the New Radicals video “You Get What You Give.”

As AJ McLean, Troye Sivan reaches out his hand in the “I Want It That Way” video. He points at the screen and sits in the middle of several lookalikes as Eminem in the “Real Slim Shady” video. He holds up a Nokia cell phone. With rose petals covering her naked body, she’s Angela from the 1999 film, American Beauty.

Marilyn Manson (Sivan) and Rose McGowan (Charli XCX) pose together at the 1998 MTV Music Video Awards. Charli XCX and Sivan are characters in the computer game, The Sims. A fire erupts in the kitchen. The Dancing Baby, was a popular viral video, which was featured on the televison show, Ally McBeal.

Neo (Sivan) and Trinity (Charli XCX) avoid the lasers in the 1999 film, The Matrix. As Justin Timberlake, Sivan performs in an *NSYNC video. She’s Heather hiding in the 1999 film, The Blair Witch Project.

In between, she’s talking with her girlfriends in a mid-90s Hanes Her Way commercial and picking out Surge soda in a refrigerator in another advertisement.

Rating: 2.5/5

Charli XCX opens a cardboard box marked for the garage sale and squeals once she sees her collection of Spice Girls dolls. She sets them on the kitchen table and asks her mom for a bag. She tells her mom they are collector’s items now. Her mom explains she found it while she was cleaning out the basement.

She digs through the box and finds a copy of the original Sims game. She inserts the game into her old computer and installs it. For three hours, she creates a version of herself and makes the kids clean up the house all the time. She starts a fight with her next door neighbor, falls in love with him and has a baby. However, one night, they argue while cooking dinner and the house burns down.

She returns to the box and picks out several movies her family seemed to watch almost every month in the house. “You’re getting rid of Titanic!” she exclaims to her mom and adds it to her box. She takes out the Backstreet Boys Millenium CD and plays it on the stereo. She dances as she helps her mom with housework and then flips through an old Entertainment Weekly magazine featuring Brad Pitt on the cover.

Back at home. she starts her marathon, starting with The Matrix and turns off American Beauty mid-way through. She switches it to Blair Witch Project and almost vomits twenty minutes into it.  In the morning, she eats her cereal and sobs through Titanic for the 300th time. Even though she hasn’t seen the movie in years, she still quotes the dialogue as she watches it.

Directors: Ryan Staake & Charli XCX Year: 1999

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