Video Review: Lil’ Kim & Mr. Cheeks “The Jump Off”

A band plays stage at the Capitale in New York City, New York. Lil’ Kim and one of her friends dance during the record company event in a private section. Lil’ Kim walks up on stage and starts to perform.

She sits on the couch by herself.

She stands by the curb and talks with Mr. Cheeks in the parking lot. She hangs out with some of her friends. She sits in her Jeep.

Mr. Cheeks joins her on stage.

She smiles as she stands next to Timbaland in the parking lot.

In the bathroom, she writes “The Jump Off” in red lipstick on the mirror.

Rating: 3/5

Lil’ Kim takes a glass of champagne from one of the servers at the venue. An executive tells her he loves his music and listens to it in his car on his way to work. She smirks as he walks to a young woman and puts his hand on the small of her back. A fiftysomething man in a suit walks to her and she places her glass on the table. The fifytsomething man, the CEO, introduces himself and shakes her hand. He reminds her it’s not MTV and a corporate event for his employees. She nods and tells him her manager made her aware of the conditions.

Back in the makeshift dressing room, she tells herself it’s to buy some Versace and Chanel. She changes into the approved costume and reads over the sanitized lyrics. While backstage, she listens to the CEO as he talks about the company’s bright future. She side-eyes his use of dated slang during her introduction. She waves and smiles as she walks on stage.

The large banquet room of men in suits with a scattered women in modest dress clothes dance and sing along with her. The CEO gives her thumbs up. She gives him the finger and then begins her set. She leaves her most controversial lyric from the song in. Glancing at the CEO, she sees standing with his arms crossed backstage.

She thanks the cheering crowd after her half hour set. The CEO glares at her backstage and then puts on a smile as he claps for her to his employees on stage. She rolls her eyes and returns to her dressing room. As she sits down at the table to eat with the employees, the CEO asks her to leave. He threatens to sue due to breach of contract and says she won’t see a dime from her performance. She tells him to go right ahead and walks out.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2003

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