Video Review: Cardi B “Money”

The doors open inside a ballroom. A young woman turns on the pole at the end of the room. Cardi B, wearing a winged, checkered gown, stands in front of the room. Women, in fishnet stockings and uncovered breasts. watch the young woman swing on the pole.

She sits under glass in a museum, wearing a beaded headdress.

A young woman, wearing a suit, carries a briefcase as she walks into the bank. Cardi B, wearing a gold bikini, rotates in the vault. The women wait for the tellers. She fires a gun, which spits out money.

She breastfeeds her baby inside the museum. A blonde, thirtysomething woman, wearing a fur coat, eyes her while viewing her. Her husband, a sixtysomething man, peers at her through his opera glasses. She shakes her butt and a twentysomething woman covers her boyfriend’s eyes. Several men print up the totals of the money with the calculators at their desks.

She sits naked at a piano.

Wearing a black slanted hat and business suit, she throws money to dancers spinning around the pole.

In a fuchsia open-chest suit, she instructs a class. Women sit on mats and spread their legs in the air. She performs a demonstration in a black bra and thong.

She sets her headphones on the piano. The doors of the ballroom close.

Rating: 5/5

Cardi B straightens a woman’s leg. She tips the chin of a second young woman. She pulls up her pants and points to the scars from the pole. She tells them to continue their warm-ups as she changes. Hand on the pole, she performs a complex manuever for the class and says it’s their new routine. She breaks it down for them and says it will be their final.

After class, a young woman thanks her for saving her marriage. A second young woman hugs and says she has confidence again. A third woman says she’s having trouble and asks for additional instruction. She walks over to the pole with the third woman and gives her a few pointers.

On the weekend, she sits behind the glass for a former student’s performance art installation, She was to exhibit power despite being confined in the glass. She was, according to her former student, represent the unreasonable expectations set upon women. Moving around within the glass was encouraged. The wealthy female patrons viewed the exhibit as an affront to them. However, their husbands and partners touched the glass and leered at her from a distance. Whether it was the strip club or an art gallery, she was always on display.

She takes her students on a field trip to the bank and directs them to the sales manager, stating they each an individual appointment. They need to understand their finances. Otherwise, she adds, someone may steal it from them.

In the last class of the semester, she watches every demonstration and writes out an evaluation. She gives the third young woman an A. The private classes had allowed her to open up and be comfortable with herself. While watching her swing on the pole, it was as though she was all by herself.

Director: Jora Frantzis Year: 2018

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