Video Review: Seether “Careless Whisper”

The 80s video game “Careless Whisper” begins. The cursor moves to start. On the menu, the player has four character choices: Shawn, Troy, Dale, and John. Shawn is chosen. An alien tells him “the world is…yours.”

A suitcase reads “Wall Street Fighter” as the first level. Shawn hits the men with their suitcases as they walk on the sidewalk. He completes the level by beating the fire-breathing CEO by reaching the sun. The sun gives him ninja skills, allowing him to overpower the CEO.

A truck with “Guzzler” starts the second level. He avoids the trucks as he walks in the middle of the road. A life is lost and the second level is played again. A car flies in the air and Shawn gets inside. He speeds through traffic and flies in the sky. It turns into a helicopter. He drops seed on the ground, creating a forest.

On the third level, “Forest Warriors” he is told to save the world. He sends some soldiers to kill the lumberjacks. Shawn lands his helicopter. The screen states “Dig or Die” for level four. On an oil rig, he opens a hole with a shovel through the ground. A worker follows him, drilling through the land. He finds the other characters and leads them to a boat. They ride the boat to next level.

For “Pig Flu” on Level Five, Shawn and the other characters hop over pigs and a nurse with a needle. A spaceship gives three characters bicycles. Troy jumps into Shawn’s basket and they fall over the moon and land on a basketball court.

In Level 6, “Home Court Shootout,” the villain dribbles the basketball bomb. Shawn transforms into wolf-human hybrid and dunks the bomb into the net, detonating. They are picked up in a black van. Shawn hangs onto the van. He walks a steel structure on an unnamed Level Seven. A little girl turns into a killer robot and kills the villain.

Shawn and the other characters celebrate by playing their instruments on a platform. The car picks them up and they fly in the air.

Rating: 2/5

One man change the world and have some fun at the same time. The four interchangeable male characters do not have specific strengths or weaknesses. Choice is based on stereotype: Shawn is the regular guy, Dale is tough, Troy is awkward while John is creative.

An alien informs the average male he needs a purpose. Through several socially aware levels, the average man learns to fight greed and defeat climate change deniers with electric trucks. The average man recreates the lost forest and sends an army to attack deranged lumberjacks cutting down trees for profit. He enlists his friends to combat an outbreak of swine flu.

During a break from curtailing complex political issues with simple solutions, the average male plays basketball. With his natural athletic skill, he is able to prevent a bombing. By level 7, the average male lets someone else do the work and takes the credit. They become world famous celebrities.

Minority characters and women are the villains trying to ruin the world. Cold nurses with little empathy try to stick a poisoned needle into the average male’s arm. An African-American man drives the average male to his next challenge with a sinister glare. The average male is the sole hero due to privilege.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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