Video Review: Brother Beyond “Girl I Used To Know”

While driving in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, Nathan glances over his shoulder.

Lit in slate blue, Nathan dances as he grabs the microphone. David, Carl and Steve play their instruments inside the warehouse.

Nathan gets out of the car and kicks the sand. The engine smokes as he opens the hood. He takes out his notebook and flicks away photographs of his ex-girlfriend. He watches a young woman walk out of a tow truck. She films him with her camera and then drives off. He runs after the truck as it disappears.

The woman films Nathan from the window of a diner. He sits at the counter and asks for service.

Nathan dances against the wall of the warehouse. The young woman stands in the corner. A man watches television up close in the diner. They both fade away from the diner. Nathan dances towards the young woman as she films him. The flashlight shines on him as he continues to dance.

Nathan sees her filming her from an electrical pole.

Nathan and the young dance outside the hotel.

The young woman drives a motorcycle in the desert. She stops and Nathan rides with her. They both disappear.

The young woman takes off her helmet at the hotel.

Rating: 2/5

Nathan flips through photographs of his ex-girlfriend while he stops at the shoulder of the road. He tosses them away. However, he tucks one in his pocket. He can’t quite let go yet. As he waits for a truck, he hopes it her even though he knows she’s thousands of miles away.

During a guided tour, a young woman bumps into him and almost knocks him over with her backpack. She apologizes and he smiles, telling her it’s okay. As they walk the dunes together, he learns that she’s a secretary in the United States. He says he’s from England. She says she’s always wanted to go and see Big Ben.

On the final day of the tour, he buys her some flowers in Marrakech. They return to the hotel and spend time together. She says she still has a few days left. He tells her he’s going back tomorrow. She writes down her name and phone number on a piece of paper.

Back home, he runs into his ex-girlfriend. They exchange small talk. She asks him about his trip. He says it was nice and thinks of the young woman. She says she would like to get together and see pictures. He mentions he has a lot to catch up on at work and can’t meet up.

He fumbles through the drawers and searches his luggage for the young woman’s number. He knows he kept it. He lifts up the couch cushions and looks through the cabinet drawers in the kitchen. He feels the top of his dresser and discovers a piece of paper. It’s her phone number. He dials it and leaves a message for her to call him.

Director: Anton Corbjin Year: 1990

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