Video Review: Sabrina Carpenter “Paris”

Sabrina Carpenter opens the door of the hotel in Paris, France. Barefoot, she walks on the balcony and stares at the city.

Wearing a white robe, she stretches her arms across the pillows of the canopy bed. She plucks the petals off a rose.

She moves her shoulders as she sits in a bathtub of scattered rose petals.

In the pool, she tilts her bed and treads water in her black dress.

At the dining table, she eats pieces of the cake and grapes. She slumps in a chair with a tray of tea beside her. She walks around the mansion.

In a navy coat. she walks the streets of the city at night.

Rating: 5/5

The butler asks if there was anything else he can do. Sabrina Carpenter finishes her croissant and tells him she’s fine for now. She tightens her bathrobe and reads the note from her French lover left on her nightstand. He had chatted with her while waiting in line for the boat. They sat together and drank wine as they viewed the Eiffel Tower.

They held hands while they attended a classical music concert and made love in her hotel room. But all she wanted was to go back home to Los Angeles, California. There was a young man she left without a word. She believed he was holding her back and she resisted settling down with him. Her French lover returned the next morning with a bouquet of red roses and two pastries inside a paper bag. She put her hand on his and told him it wasn’t right. He shook his head, saying distance wasn’t an issue. She told him she was in love with someone else.

She puts on her blue coat and walks through the Village Paris. She throws some coins to the busker singing his song and walks into the cathedral. Sitting in the pew, she gazes at the intricate pattern of the stained glass. She makes a sign of the cross and leaves. Taking her cell phone out of her pocket, she calls her parents and tells she’ll be home earlier than expected. Her mother asks her what’s wrong and she responds home is where she needs to be.

Director: Jasper Cable-Alexander Year: 2018

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