Video Review: Tesla “Hang Tough”

Filmed through a sepia filter, an eight-year-old listens to a record on a telegraph. He breathes onto a plastic windmill.

A fan blows while Tesla plays in a barn. As the several ceiling fans circulate air, Tommy and Frank play back to back and then walk away from one another. Jeff sings into the microphone.

Jeff taps his foot on a table as Tommy plays the guitar.

The boy fiddles with the telegraph and peers into the windmill. He views the band playing in the barn. He cleans the table and sees each member of the band standing by the fan. He stops the windmill.

Rating: 2/5

The eight-year-old boy tinkers with the printer of the telegraph. He pretends he has to notify the President of the United States an important message. He types it out, relaying the imminent danger. He unwinds the printer pages from the spool, declaring there is too much information and he needs his crew to help sort it. He enlists his imaginary friends to read the messages while he responds back to the President.

He blows on the plastic windmill, thinking of the people he’s saving. He looks inside and sees a band playing inside a barn. With his help, the band will be able to become superstars. He sees them staring back at him, aware there is someone who knows they exist.

His mom calls him for dinner and he says he has to finish the last part of his message. She yells for him to slow down as he runs into the kitchen. She sets the plate on the table and asks him about his game. He explains how he wants to be President one day and wants to know if she’ll help him write a letter to him. She nods her yes and finds some paper in the drawer.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1989

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