Video Review: Tove Lo “hey, you got drugs?”

Tove Lo watches people spin around in a ride in an European city. She and her friend kick up their legs on the hotel bed. She wears a sequined “Love Will Win” jacket. A stylist paints her nails. She and her band huddle together before the show.

She lies on the stage after a song.  She carries a towel and drinks some bottled water as she passes the buses. Her assistant meets up with her at the entrance and walks down the hallway with her. In the dressing room, she sets down her towel and sits on the plastic chair. She wipes her eyes with the towel and puts her hand over her face. Her assistant rubs his hand over her shoulder while she cries into the towel. As she dabs her eyes with towel, she talks to him.

Rating: 5/5

The conversations drift from finding the nearest bar in the area to talk about the next city. A crew member tries to include Tove Lo but she sips her bottled water and continues to walk. The pressure has been building for about a month now and she’s been trying to hold it together. While sprawled out on stage, she stared into the lights and blinked back tears.

She wants to go home. Her mom is having a birthday soon and she’s going to miss another one. She thinks the guy she likes is sleeping with someone else. Her label seems to be doing the bare minimum for her. It’s getting to be too be much. She bursts into tears as she sits in the chair.

Her assistant asks her what’s going on. She wonders out loud if it’s worth it anymore. She adores her fans and is trying to do all she can. However, she isn’t sure how long she is able to be there for them. She worked so hard to breakthrough and make a name for herself. It meant sacrificing time with her family and friends. However, without the label’s support, it seems to be for naught. She lets out a sigh and takes another drink of water. She thanks him for letting him to vent. Her assistant says she’ll let her manager know she needs some extra time before leaving. She sinks her head into her hands after he closes the door.

Director: Brewer Year: 2018

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