Video Review: Shinedown “Second Chance”

A young woman sits on a bench at the bus station. Brent stares at her while he leans against a column.

At the dock, she puts the fish on ice and then guts it. Brent walks around the dock and stands by the lake.

The young woman sits on her little brother’s bed and talks to him while their parents fight in the kitchen. She walks into the family room and sees her father reading the newspaper in his chair. She shakes her head.

Her boyfriend reaches for her hand as they take a walk with their friends. He holds her hand as they sit on the bench. She puts her hands in the pocket of her hoodie as she walks on the beach. In the garage, she puts on her ballet slippers and practices.

She shows the dance audition flyer to her mother. Her mother picks up the bills and slams the flyer on the counter. She walks into her bedroom and lies on her bed. She stares at her ballet slippers and gets out of her bed. She packs her suitcase and writes a note to her parents. She tapes it to her computer and takes one last look at her little brother. She sits on the bench at the bus station.

Her mom reads the note and cries. She gets on the bus. Brent watches as she takes a seat.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman stirs the spaghetti sauce and asks Brent to taste it. He touches his lips and agrees it’s done. While he twirls the noodles on his fork, he asks her about dance class. She tells she tried out for the solo for the concert. She shrugs, saying it’s a longshot. He pours cheese over his spaghetti and says he’s sure she did well.

She holds her hand on the pole as she takes the subway. Glancing over shoulder, she sees an eight-year-old boy and thinks of her brother. Last time she called home, he didn’t want to talk to her. Her mom said he was still upset she left without saying goodbye. She hopes one day her little brother will forgive her.

At the dance center, she warms up and talks with her best friend in the class. Her best friend said she heard the list is going up today. The young woman says she scared to find out. The instructor walks in and she stands up with the rest of the class.

She takes a sip of water and puts her slippers in a duffel bag. She passes by the director’s office and spots the list. She runs her finger down and squeals. She has a supporting role. She jumps up and down and then calls her boyfriend to let him know the good news. He says he’ll be there opening night.

Director: Ryan Smith Year: 2009

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