Video Review: Zara Larsson “Ruin My Life (Version 2)”

Wearing a pink coat, Zara Larsson smashes a ceramic object in a basement. A single lightbulb shines above her as she sits cross-legged on the floor. She leans against a wall.

A shattered vase with red roses pieces itself back together again over the can.

She breaks an inspirational plaque, a mug, wooden box, a bust and a turntable. She tosses a mallet into the pile of destroyed items. Rose petals fall. She holds the baseball bat by her shoulder.

Rating: 2.5/5

Zara Larsson gathers the mementos gave her and walks downstairs to the basement. She breaks each gift with the baseball bat. She has to let go of him somehow. Her rubs her sore arms and cries on the floor. She finds pieces of the vase and tries to put it back together again.

Back upstairs, she checks her phone and returns his call. He asks if she can come over.  She looks at the laundry in the basket and tells she’ll be there in about ten minutes. As she sits at the red light, she thinks she should be going out with her best friend, who she hasn’t seen in a while or visit with her parents. She tells herself she won’t sleep with him.

She rolls over in bed and puts on her underwear. He snores beside her and she tiptoes around the bedroom. She finds her clothes and leaves. Her bra is somewhere on his side of the bed but she could always buy another one. She wipes tears away from her eyes as she drives home. A car honks at her as she misses the stop sign. She shuts off her phone and sits in the dark of her home.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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