Video Review: Bow Wow & Ciara “Like You”

The valet talks with Bow Wow’s girlfriend beside the car. Bow Wow asks for the keys and hugs his girlfriend while Ciara walks away.

It states that two hours earlier, Bow Wow was sitting on the couch in the family room of his room, twirling a basketball on his finger. Ciara sits on the couch of her apartment and watches television.  She changes the station.

They both open their refrigerators. Ciara takes out a strawberry. Bow chooses a pair of sneakers in his walk-in closet. Ciara looks over a crop top. Bow Wow hears the ring of his cellphone and talks with Ciara.

Bow Wow and Ciara dance by a car.

Ciara smells a rose as she waits for the elevator. She waves to Bow Wow and walks inside. Bow Wow checks her out. He imagines holding her close to him.

The valet leads Ciara to her boyfriend’s car. The valet gives Bow Wow a high-five and asks a for a tip. Bow Wow says he needs to use an Altoid whenever he wants to hit on girls. Bow Wow gets inside his car.

Rating: 3/5

Bow Wow responds to a text from Ciara and laughs. His girlfriend asks what’s funny. He puts his cell phone close to him and says his friend did something stupid. His girlfriend comments, “no surprised” and wants to know what happened. He says it would embarrass his friend. “Uh huh,” she says, “so you’re talking to Ciara again.” Bow Wow turns his head towards her and says nothing.

Ciara suggests a couple of movies as she and her boyfriend stand by the shelf. He says he’s seen most of them already. He picks an action movie. There’s a pounding on the door and Ciara looks through the peephole. She sees Bow Wow’s girlfriend with her arms crossed. Ciara checks the locks to make sure they are shut. Bow Wow’s girlfriend yells that she better stay away from her man or she’ll break down the door. Her boyfriend calls security. Ciara stands against the door, her hand on her chest. Her boyfriend asks if she’s okay.

An hour later, Ciara answers her cell phone and realizes it’s Bow Wow. She lets it go to voicemail. Although she likes Bow Wow, she isn’t sure she wants to blow up both their lives. Her boyfriend is a really good guy and has taken care of her for two years. She’s also afraid of Bow Wow’s girlfriend. She might come home one day and find her car damaged. She prefers to stay where she is right now and wait until Bow Wow leaves his girlfriend to make any decisions.

Director: Bryan Barber Year: 2005

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