Video Review: Rita Ora, Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX “Girls”

Within an Eastern European old-growth forest, several women stand on a balcony. Rita Ora lies on a vintage living room chair in the forest. A young woman snaps photos of herself on the phone. Dozens of young women lie on the carpet, some holding hands.

Wearing a pink bra with a white blazer and dress pants, Charli XCX dances in the forest at night. She rides a swing. Young women in white crop tops and pants by her. Little boys peek through the brush.

Bebe Rexha dances in a mirrored room. She kisses and licks the mirror.

Wearing a nude bodysuit, Ora lies near the bridge by herself.

Ora bites her lips as she sits in a control room, wearing clear goggles. Cardi B appears as a hologram in the sky. In the sky, Cardi B puts her hands over Ora. They kiss.

Charli XCX walks into the pool.

Ora continues to sit in her vintage chair as young women surround her.

Rating: 2/5

Rita Ora’s bare feet pad the carpet of her forest mansion. As the goddess, she has the final say in who entertains her for the evening. She encourages relationships within the women, telling them she can’t dote on each one of them. Although there are a few she favors and a few women were imprisoned in a chamber for engaging in relationships with them.

Charli XCX serves as her recruiter. She travels to the suburbs across the United States and searches for lonely girls. She infiltrates LGTBQ groups and befriends the weakest ones. She watches reports of the missing girls and acts as an adviser. Charli XCX, though, seems to have undermining her law lately, though and Ora may put in Bebe Rexha in her place.

Rexha is a loyal follower, who has been asking for a promotion or at least a girl or two of her own. However, as Ora, has reminded her, her job is to onboard the young women. Ora tells her she’s a true believer and a valuable part of her harem.

It is Cardi B who she answers to, though. Cardi B had lived in the mansion before her and had taken her under her wing. She taught her which peasants to praise and low-ranking goddesses to destroy. Cardi B, though, had been run out of the mansion for her malicious behavior. Once Ora staged a coup, she rid the house of the moralistic mothers on the board and ordered a search for Cardi B. At least twice a week, she visits with Cardi B. She tells her she has a plan in place to bring her home.

Director: Helmi Year: 2018

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