Video Review: Enrique Iglesias “Rhythm Divine”

Past the Kuala Lumpar skyline in Malaysia, a young woman (Claudia Mason) opens the door of her hotel room and glances over her shoulder as she walks down the hallway. She runs her hand along the wall and smiles at Enrique Iglesias, who follows behind her.

As she leaves the hotel, she walks the streets of Chinatown at night. She pushes through the crowd and looks for Iglesias. People bump into him as he continues to walk. She runs into a store and winds through the aisles.

He watches her as she opens a curtain into a bar. He performs in front of some street art. Lights explode at the theater. Sparks cascade behind him. A young man breathes fire outside Phoenix Imports.

The crowd by Sincere Gifts lift him up and flip him. They bounce him with his hands. People hit beach balls throughout the crowd.

He sees her walk into the ocean, carrying her high heels and dive under water.

Rating: 3/5

Enrique Iglesias puts on his pants and shoes. He pulls his shirt over his head and taps his pockets for the key. He’ll get it later. The young woman may be by the elevator. He sees towards the end of the hallway and she gives him a michievious grin, “catch me,” she mouths.

It had been a whirlwind three days. On the glass roof of a bar, they danced by the pool and drank champagne until the early morning. The owner popped out of his office to talk to her. The bartenders knew her drink and asked him about his travels. Any mention of hunger was met with a delivery of food within minutes. She had treated him to breakfast and took him back to her hotel room. They had sex several times.

In the evening, a car picked up them and took them to a helicopter. They flied over the city. The pilot said it was only for a few minutes. However, she returned and told him they had the helicopter for a half hour. A cheafeur arrived after they left the helicopter and drove them back to their hotel.

She woke him up at 6 a.m. and told him to get ready. They were taking a private trip through Genting Highlands. Throughout the day, they gambled at the casinos and drank. They ride roller coasters at the theme park and visited the Chin Swee Cave Temple.

He found her at the ocean. However, once she dived into the waves, he never saw her again. He believes she was an celestial being taking human form for a week. It was far too real to be an illusion.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 1999

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