Video Review: Lauren Daigle “You Say”

Lauren Daigle sits on the couch and looks out her sliding screen door. She pushes strands of her hair back while she stares at the columns in her backyard.

She gets up from the couch and leans against the kitchen counter.

She walks to the glass of the window and continues to look outside. On the second floor, she opens the door and walks around on her balcony. At the window, she smiles to herself.

She dances by one of the columns in her backyard.

Rating: 4/5

Nothing is ever going to ever to change. Lauren Daigle watches the birds fly to the top of the columns in her backyard. They chirp and flap their wings. The birds tap the ground, searching for food. A bunny hops onto the grass and she turns her head away from the window. She puts her head on her knee and looks at the blank television screen.

Her stomach rumbles. She gets up and finds some fruit in the kitchen. Although she knows she needs to eat a decent meal, she’s only been able to manage a bowl of cereal. She scrolls through her phone and sees several engagement photos. It won’t ever be her.

She stands by the glass and starts to pray. She talks to God for about ten minutes and vents. God will take care of her. He’ll help her in some way. Her phone beeps and it’s a text message from her friends. Her friend tells her it’s been so long since they hung out and wants to know if they can meet for dinner tomorrow. She types yes. TuckingĀ  the phone back in her pocket, she grins. Tomorrow could be the start of another beginning.

Director: John Gray Year: 2018

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