Video Review: Panic! At The Disco “Say Amen (Saturday Night)

In a breaking news report, a female anchor says “good evening” to the viewers and states that overnight the devil’s key was taken from the museum.

A group of burglars, holding knives, walk into Brendon Urie’s home. They walk past the kitchen and find the vault. A burglar points to the closet door. Urie’s phone on the table beeps. The burglars point their knives at the door while they wait. Urie opens the door and buttons his shirt, covering the devil’s key around his neck. He answers a text on his second phone. His girlfriend says she’ll be there in ten minutes. He tells her to “make it 30” and sets his second phone back on the shelf.

He turns on the fan and gets a tie out of his drawer. He whips it and then strangles a burglar. Blood splatters on his bedroom wall as he kills each burglar. He combs his hair in the mirror and makes a sign of a cross.

In the vault, he turns on the light as the burglars hold their baseball hats. He puts his guitar around his shoulder and plays it. The sparks from the chords creates an explosion, sending the burglars to the floor. He stabs another burglar in the kitchen and hits the others with cabinets. Standing in the family room, he lights some dynamite and tosses it into the kitchen.

He answers the door and starts to make out with his girlfriend all over the house. She breathes heavy as she sees the devil’s key. She kicks him in the crotch and knocks him unconscious, ripping the key from his neck.

Rating: 5/5

A young woman crouched in the bathroom of her home. She checked the county scanner online to see if anyone had heard anything. Her boyfriend, in a whisper, called 911. The fiftysomething woman across the street watched the explosion within the house. She saw as the ambulance and police cars arrived to the Brendon Urie’s home. The fiftysomething woman gasped as she saw him wheeled out in a stretcher. He was such a nice boy.

The young woman pulled her boyfriend’s arm as he left the bathroom. He assures it’s over. He had heard sirens. Putting on his coat and slippers, he walks outside and the police officer asks him if he had seen anything. His eyes widened as he saw dozens of stretchers bring out body after body. He explains he and his girlfriend were eating dinner when they heard an explosion.

Urie’s photo is shown on the news as the female anchor explains he died while apprehending burglars in his home. She adds he’s a considered a key player in the recent string of robberies in various museums. The fiftysomething woman gets up from her chair and double checks to see if she has locked all the doors.

Director: Daniel “Cloud” Campos Year: 2018

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