Video Review: Paula DeAnda & Baby Bash “Doing Too Much”

Paula DeAnda lies on her bed and turns her head to see her phone. She reaches for it and checks it as she sits up. It reads “no messages.”

She leans against a beige building.

On the couch, she keeps her phone open and glances at it every couple of minutes. She moves the curtain and sees her friends in the driveway. She smiles as they walk towards in the family room. They give her hugs.

She and her friends walk around the city. She puts her head down as they pass by three guys. One of the guys lets his remote-controlled car bump her in the ankles. They turn around and shrug at him.

At the restaurant, she sits on the table and checks her phone. One of her friends takes her phone away from her.

Baby Bash dances against a black background. Two women dance by him. She sits on her car while at a party. A young man stares at her and approaches her. She slides down the car and dances with him in the driveway.

She continues to sit by the beige building.

Rating: 3/5

Paula DeAnda reads the question on the mid-term study guide. Her boyfriend flips through the pages of the textbook and says he has found the section. Her phone buzzes and she checks it. It’s a message from her ex-boyfriend. She shakes her head and puts the phone down. Looking up from the book, he asks what it said. She shows him the text message: “Let’s hang out.” Her boyfriend huffs, saying “on to the next question.”

At school, her ex-boyfriend meets up with her at locker. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him. He apologizes for spreading the rumor she was crazy for leaving all the messages for him again. She slams her locker door shut and walks to class. He catches up with her and says he misses her. Her boyfriend walks up behind her and glares at her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend says he’ll talk to her later.

During lunch, her best friend says he has been talking to her in class, wanting to know if DeAnda will give him another chance. Another friend says he won’t stop talking about how he’s going to get her back. Her boyfriend puts his arm around her while she says she wants nothing to do with him.

As she waits for her boyfriend, her ex takes her by the hand and she pulls away. She tells him that at one point, she wanted a relationship with him. However, she loves her boyfriend and wishes he had been this attentive when they were dating. He puts his head down and says he won’t bother her anymore. As he walks away, her boyfriend puts his hand in hers and gives her a kiss. He asks her about her last class as they walk to his car together.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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