Video Review: Juice WRLD “All Girls Are The Same”

Juice Wrld lies on top of an animated red building with blinking yellow light shining through the windows. An animated single car drives on the road.

Against a yellow background, several versions of Juice WRLD sit inside an animated bus.

A hazy cardinal red shines on him as he runs his hand on his face against a black background. He tilts his head as the background changes to a forest green, aqua blue, violet and rose.

A distorted Juice WRLD dances against the black background.

He lies on some red blood cells on the floor. Two versions of himself stand against the black background, lit in the hazy cardinal red.

Rating: 1/5

Juice WRLD dances with a young woman at the club. He takes her home and they sleep together. While he scrambles eggs downstairs, he notices the young woman tiptoeing out of the room. She gives him a sheepish look and walks out. It’s the third time it has happened.

His friends tell him the women are too good for him. They are only looking for him to pay for their drinks and clothes. He says he has given up on trying. Once he sleeps with them, he is directing them to the door. His friends say it’s about time he finally asserted himself.

Over the weekend, he chats up another young woman at the bar. She puts her arms around him and says she wants to be with him. In the middle of the night, he taps her on the shoulder and says tell her she has to go to home. She stumbles in the bedroom, searching for her clothes. He sits up and points to her missing things. As she puts on her dress, he leads her to the door and says it was a good time.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2018

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