Video Review: Lindsay Lohan “Over”

Lindsay Lohan finishes her walk around her neighborhood and glances at her boyfriend’s home. He meets her eyes as he watches from the window.

The garage door opens while she performs with her band.

His father glares at her and closes the curtain. She walks back inside her house next door and sees her parents watching television on the couch. She stuffs her hands in her pockets and walks upstairs to her bedroom. He waits for her at his bedroom window. They stare at one another for a couple of minutes.

They hold hands as they walk to his family’s camper. They make out on the couch.

Someone throws a chair in a pool at a party. She and her boyfriend walk in together, greeting their friends as they find a spot by the pool. They talk with his best friend and his girlfriend. His best friend gives him a nervous look. Over his shoulder, his father approaches him. He stands up and his father stares him down. While he leaves with his father, she cries.

She opens her refrigerator and drinks some milk. He nods at her to follow him. She holds onto the dashboard and laughs in his best friend’s direction as her boyfriend steers the car in the parking lot. He stops the car as he sees his father. He gets out the car and his father pushes him to the ground. She puts her hand over her mouth as his father punches him. As he watches his father return home, she touches his cheek.

He shuts off his bedroom light.

Rating: 5/5

Lindsay Lohan flinches while her boyfriend’s father shouts for her parents to come outside. Her mom puts her arm around her as she cries on her shoulder. Her mom says it’s not her fault and hands her some tissue. As she dabs her eyes, she doesn’t understand why his father won’t leave them alone. Her mom says his father needs help. However, her mom says she’s proud of her for doing the right thing and staying by her boyfriend’s side through all of it. She gulps and nods. With him living at his aunt’s house and going to a different school, she blames herself for taking everything away from him.

Her boyfriend’s abusive father was open secret at school. His friends were frightened of him. His best friend told him he come over to play when they were kids. Her boyfriend had knocked over the milk on the table by accident and his father had shouted at that he was a mistake and a loser. He had told his parents and they had welcomed her boyfriend into their home. They told him it was invited over whenever he wanted.

Once they began dating, they mostly hung out at her house. He had thanked her parents for the meals and letting him stay over. They told him they understood. He turned to his parents for help with essays for college applications. Her father took them on a college tour to his alma mater.

Her parents had called Child Protective Services after she told them what happened at the parking lot. They told her they weren’t going to let him down anymore and something had to be done. She hopes he doesn’t hate her. She and her family only want him to be safe.

Director: N/A Year: 2004

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