Video Review: Fall Out Boy “Church”

A young woman looks at his phone as he walks by a church. He bumps into Pete.

Fall Out Boy perform inside a lavender lit church.

The young man picks up his phone and opens the doors to the church. A young woman dances with her eyes closed. She sees the young man and hugs him.

On the balcony, a henchman watches the couple dance. Patrick lies in a lavender lit coffin. The henchman calls his boss about the couple. The couple cuddle against the wall of the church The young woman sees the boss and runs up the stairs with her boyfriend. The boss and his henchmen follow her. The couple search for an unlocked door.

The third door opens for them and they hide inside the room. They cry as they hug each other. He kisses her and she gives him her necklace. The boss points to the third door and one of the henchmen shines his flashlight on the couple. The boss drags the young man out of the room. The henchmen hold the young woman back. The boss stabs him in the stomach. The young woman runs to the dying young man on the floor.

Rating: 5/5

It could happen at anytime. The young woman was no longer safe. The boss, her father, had her boyfriend killed as revenge for tipping off the police for a murder. His second-in-command was sitting in jail, awaiting trial due to her information. She could no longer live with her father’s crimes and mother’s blind eye.

Her mother had distanced herself from her. It was likely her mother had received the news of her father’s decision. As her mother shoved her against the wall, she had called a little stupid girl who was putting the family at risk. She had run upstairs to pack her bags but her mom had told her it wouldn’t help. They would find her.

Although her parents encouraged her to date one of the henchmen’s sons, she fell in love with her boyfriend, whom she met a friend’s party. Over drinks, he told her wanted to become a prosecutor someday and had put her in touch with some people at the state level. Through his connections, she learned his father’s activity was being tracked by the state and they were building a case against on him at the state level.

She turns her head from left to right. She picks up a knife in her kitchen and tiptoes into her family room. Against the wall, she sees the silhouette of one of the male henchmen. She raises her chin up and waits.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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