Video Review: Toni Braxton “How Could An Angel Break My Heart”

Toni Braxton, wearing a white dress, stands in a bedroom. In a gold dress, she stands in the middle of a ballroom. Tugging at the ends of her black dress, she runs on the lawn of the courtyard.

While riding in a horse-drawn carriage, she smiles as she stares at her husband. A young woman, her best friend, talks with her. The young woman’s husband looks out the window.

Her husband kisses her in their bedroom. They sleep together. In her nightgown, she watches from the bedroom window as he leaves. Her best friend helps her with hair and jewelry. During the ball, she and her best friend lean against the railing, watching her husband on the dancefloor.

She dances with her husband on the dancefloor. Her best friend and husband sleep together. She and her best friend gossip as they sit on the couch at the ball. Her husband networks with the other notable heirs. She notices her husband and best friend staring at one another. She thinks back of the carriage ride and remembers her best friend putting her hand on her husband’s leg.

Her husband and best friend dance together.  She walks down the stairs and sees her husband and best friend dancing. While leaving the ball, she spots her husband and best friend talking by a tree.

She stands in the bedroom.

Rating: 5/5

Toni Braxton answers “no comment” to the questions the reporters fire at her. She pushes away their microphones while walking to her car. A reporter friend asks her if she knew of their affair. She tells her reporter friend she’s disappointed in him and gets inside her car.

She tells her driver to take her to the airport. An escape to her home in the Swedish islands will provide some much needed rest from the tabloid speculation. On the magazine cover in the airport, a picture of her and her husband is split in half with “did she know?” Another tabloid promises an exclusive interview with an employee of the castle.

Television specials had been dedicated to their marriage, stating it was the love of the decade. Their photographer, the photographers had noted during the engagement photo shoot how they had doted on each other throughout the day. She believed he had truly loved her and it was not a transactional marriage for him.

Her best friend had gushed over her ring and said she was so happy for them. At the wedding, she was inconsolable. During the reception, she had told her she was worried she was losing her best friend. Thinking back, she realizes it was because she was marrying her lover. She denied it for years, thinking the affair was long over. It was not ideal but she could forgive it. However, as she learned through the press, the affair had been going on throughout their marriage.

In Sweden, she’ll be able to recover in own her time. She’ll have to attend her scheduled appointments with her counselor. Her family will be flying in the next couple days as they finish up loose ends. There will be repercussions to her husband’s family business, her father said, its reputation has been damaged. None of it consoled her, though. She had bought into the lie of her life.

Director: Ian Softley Year: 1997

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