Video Review: Logic “Overnight”

A message on the black screen reads: “We took a trip to Maui & Tokyo to record music. While there, Logic said, “yo, let’s shoot a music video. Fuck it.”

In Tokyo, Japan, a neon sign blinks. A lantern hangs on a cord along the street.

Logic sleeps on a hammock in Maui, Hawaii.

Logic fiddles with a cabinet door on the airplane.

Wearing a kimono, Logic waves his hands in the middle of the day. A Forever 21 store stands in the background. He continues to dance near some cafes.

He moves his arms while dancing in his seat on the airplane.

A young woman waits to cross the street in Tokyo while a young man with pink hair laughs.

In Maui, a young man dances by a wall and jumps into the pool at the hotel. Logic swims in the pool. He dances by the pool and on the grass.

He gets a tattoo in Tokyo and shakes a busboy’s hand at the restaurant as he leaves.

A young woman swings the hammock while he sleeps. He takes off his shoes and dives into the pool. Several people jump into the pool.

He walks by a bike rack in Tokyo.

On the plane, he pretends to fall asleep in his chair.

Rating: 2/5

Logic buys some t-shirts for himself and his wife at Forever 21. He calls up his friends and wants to know if they want to meet at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Over lunch, they eat hamburgers and admire one of Johnny Cash’s guitars hanging on the wall.

They record a few hours at the studio. The producers say they can finish what they need later. Logic and his friends leave. They laugh and joke as they search for a bar. They find a bourbon bar and drink until early in the morning. At 5 a.m., his assistant waked him up and helps him pack for his flight to Maui, Hawaii.

In Hawaii, Logic drinks his bourbon at the pool and sleeps. He applies sun lotion to his body every couple of hours. In the afternoon, Logic records for three hours and returns to the hotel. He swims in the pool until the evening. His friends change and eat dinner at the restaurant inside the hotel. They order drinks and stay until the restaurant closes. His alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and he rolls over in bed. Twenty minutes later, his assistant knocks on the door and he groans.

Directors: Mike Holland, Justin Fleischer, and Alec Schweitzer Year: 2018

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