Video Review: Amerie “1 Thing”

Wearing a fur coat and white boots, Amerie steps over a puddle of melted snow in the cold air.

She dances in a fishnets, white striped blouse and black underwear in front of a band inside a studio. Two male dancers join her.

Wearing a peach tank top and a ruffled skirt, she stands in the hallway.

In a gold sequined tank top and white hotpants, she and several female dancers perform a routine on a wooden floor.

Lit in red with black outlines, several women dance in an unseen structure. Amerie dances up front, wearing a leopard print bikini top and hat and denim jeans.

In a canary yellow bra, she smiles as she pulls the sheet over her in bed.

Rating: 3/5

Amerie places her fur coat on the hook alongside the puffer and fleece jackets. Her high heels clack as she walks down the hallway to the studio. The band members say hello to her as she walks into the studio. She hugs one of the drummers and says he’s looking good. A man in a white tank top winks at her and she waves to him. During rehearsal, she asks to go over certain sections of the song again. Two hours into working, the bandleader announces its break time.

She and one of the drummers talk in the corner. He asks her if she wants any carry out from the Chinese place across the street. She says she’s in the mood for chow mein. While he calls in the order, they walk to the entrance. As they wait for the delivery, he wants to know if human resources talked to her. She shakes her head no as she takes off her high heels. He says management is worried about relationships between the talent. She says she hasn’t reported anything. She takes the cartons of food while he says, “we have to be careful.”

After rehearsal, she heads to downtown New York City and talks with her favorite sales clerk at the Saint Laurent store. She buys some handbags and a couple of pendants. The sales clerk says she and her boyfriend went to see her last week. She tells the sales clerk she should’ve stopped by and said hello. After giving the sales clerk some tickets, she stops at the Gap to pick up some t-shirts and jeans.

Up until a few years ago, she was living with several roommates in a crowded apartment, debating whether the leftover scrambled eggs were still good. She worked as a server part-time at a diner and at the club as a hostess. She volunteered to work holidays and screwed over a couple of her friends in order to get better shifts. She cooed and chatted up every customer, becoming their best friend in order to get the tips. Without a decent night of tips, she would be forced to ask her roommates for some of their food.

Carrying her bags to the sidewalk, she receives the key from the valet and walks inside her car. She’ll have to talk to management sometime tomorrow. While her performances with the band had allowed to the nightclub to stay afloat, she knew she was replaceable. There were at least two other servers who had decent voices that would snatch up her job at the first mistake.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2005

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