Video Review: Lauv “Paris In The Rain”

Lauv pulls to the shoulder of the road at dusk. He gets out of the car and leans against the driver’s side. He walks towards the sign, “Welcome to Paris, Texas.” He returns to his car and gets his jacket out of the backseat. He raises his hand as a truck passes by. He dances in the middle the road with an umbrella. While holding it, blue ink drips from it.

Rating: 3/5

The engine light blinks while the car sputters. Lauv slows down and searches for a gas station. He sits in his car and calls up his insurance and tells them he needs road service. They tell him it’ll be about an hour. Hot and sticky from sitting in the car, he gets out of the car to stretches.

He spots a car or a two driving through and tries to wave them down. One man stops for him. He sees the guns in the backseat and tells him he’ll be okay. The man shrugs and speeds off. Walking up and down the shoulder, he dances as he waits. With his arms crossed, he leans against the car and spots a tow truck.

The young woman greets him and has him sign some paperwork. She says she’ll take him into town where he can get a rental car. Driving through, he sees the Eiffel Tower with the cowboy hat on it. The young woman says the she often came to Paris for football games in high school. She and her friends usually stopped at the Eiffel Tower. He asks her to stop and take a picture. She obliges and snaps a photo of him standing by it.

While waiting in line for his rental car, he watches as groups of people eat and drink wine in the street. He hands the cashier his credit card and asks about parking. He finds one of the parking lots and stays for the Paris Winery Festival. He samples some Merlot from the vineyards and buys a grilled cheese sandwich from Crawford’s Hole In The Wall. His t-shirt soaked through with sweat and legs tired from walking all day, he finds the nearest hotel and gets a room.

Director: Chase Smith Year: 2017

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