Video Review: Nicki Minaj “Ganja Burn”

In gold lettering, a message on the screen states “once upon a time in a world unknown…there lived a queen. One day her enemies came together to hold a secret meeting and concocted a plan to take the generous queen down. They conspired with someone once very close” to her. It was a vision the queen saw in her mind. She told her army to stand down. Her enemies killed everyone in the village, including her. However, she faked her death and rose from the sand. She returned to her army, who vowed endless loyalty. They heeded her first order to find her enemies and kill them.

The citizens of her kingdom rejoiced at being free again. Her army wanted to know why she let them lose an important battle. She answered “so that generations for years & years that even in the grave, he is Lord.”

The queen’s lies buried in the sand of the sunburned desert. She breaks through the hardened sand and arches her back in the sweltering sun. She stretches her limbs and rolls around in the sand. She exhales smoke from a pipe. Smoke emits from a skull’s mouth. She holds the skull in her hands and walks through the desert.

Grains of sand fall from her newly awakened tribe’s hands and legs. The spiritual leader shakes his hand to lift the men’s stiffened bodies. The tribe waits for her as fire springs from the sand. During the ritual, she stands in the middle while the tribe dances around her. They worship and bow down to her.

Minaj, wearing a jeweled pasties and underwear, sits on the branch of a tree.

Rating: 5/5

The time had come. Minaj’s body was failing. The years underneath the sand had singed her skin, marking her arms with poisonous blotches. Her tribe had searched for a cure. They had consulted the gods for guidance. The healer had created a lotion to ease the burning and ordered her subjects to spread it over body.

A new leader had to be selected. Murmurs of a revolt were looming over the tribe. She foresaw her weakened tribe receiving orders from a corrupt king. She alleviated their fears with a sugar-coated vision of them staging a last-minute coup. Her visions, once reliable and forthcoming, pounded in her mind with a brutal force. She woke up screaming. The powers that be were punishing her to giving up her reign.

In the morning, she arranged the ritual with the spiritual leader. They had sprinkled the ingredients on the sand and read from their book. A young woman emerged in the distance. It was the new queen. She held the woman’s young woman’s hands, feeling the power surge through their veins. Minaj placed the crown on the young woman’s head. The young woman bows her head and walks to her kingdom.

Directors: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott Year: 2018

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