Video Review: Luscious Jackson “Under Your Skin”

Vivian, wearing scrubs, reads a book on tattoo removal while sitting at the desk of the office. A young man walks in and she directs him to the table.

Jill puts on gloves and prepares the tools. The young man undresses and lies on the table. Gabby and Kate walk into the room. Jill places her hand on his back and chats with him.

Wearing an orange polo shirt, Vivian places the plug into the amplifier inside the blue painted room. Luscious Jackson begin to play. Kate holds a needle. Gabby circles the back of a scientific drawing of man. Kate fills in part of the man’s back with blue. Gabby asks for a cloth. Jill puts her finger to her lips, telling Gabby “shhh!” Vivian turns on the lamp. Kate and Jill finish coloring the young man’s skin.

Rating: 2/5

Vivian puts her book away in her desk as the phone rings. It’s a woman, requesting a microblading appointment. Vivian offers her several open days. The woman picks a time in the middle of the day. A teenage young woman walks in, carrying a drawing, walks up to her desk. Vivian says Gabby will be ready in a few minutes.

Jill walks in Vivian’s desk and says “hello” to the teenage young woman. Jill asks if the order for ink has come in yet. Vivian says it should be in by tomorrow.  Gabby calls the teenage young woman and points to the direction of the room. Kate comes by the desk and says it’s okay to take for her to take her break. Vivian takes a walk for fifteen minutes and returns back inside.

While cleaning up, they talk about their customers. Gabby had to stop the teenage girl from freaking out. The teenage young woman decided halfway through she wanted her tattoo smaller. Jill says the young man in a suit was gorgeous. Vivian says he works for an insurance company. Kate says he has one more appointment so they’ll see him again. Jill says she can’t wait.

Director: Chris Applebaum Year: 1997

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