Video Review: Twenty One Pilots “Jumpsuit”

Tyler walks to the burning car and climbs on the hood. He crouches down and says “we’ve been here the whole time. You were asleep. Time to wake up.” In Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland, Tyler lies on his back on the rock near the river. He stares up at the cliffs as he walks through the puddles.

A red hooded skeletal man gallops on a white horse in the canyon.

He pauses to see people standing on the cliffs, watching him. Picking up his speed, he trips into the river. He stays in palace while the red hooded skeletal man approaches him. The red hooded skeletal man marks his neck with three black stripes. Tyler sees a vision of an eagle. He follows the red hooded skeletal man.

Tyler spots some sunflowers and looks up to the cliffs again. The red hooded skeletal man tosses some yellow petals to Tyler. Yellow petals scatter from the people standing on the cliff. Tyler runs away as the red skeletal man chases him on his horse. He stumbles into the river. The red skeletal man leaves him for dead.

Tyler opens the hood of the car and puts on his jacket. He walks towards the canyon.

Rating: 2.5/5

Tyler nurses his broken leg by the river. A person, wearing a mask, climbs down from the cliff and walks to him. The person sits down and examines the wound. The person lets out a whistle and several people walk to him, carrying first aid kits. Tyler thanks them as they apply bandages on his wound. They help him out and put their arms around his shoulders. They leave him by a tree and point to the lights of the hostel.

He had been ready to leave society and live with the people wearing masks. They had been cast aside, deemed invisible. It seemed as though it no longer mattered if he lived or died. While scouring the internet for a place to hide, he continued to find stories in obscure magazines detailing the people wearing masks. It was often description and theory. He had to discover them for himself.

The red hooded skeletal man must’ve been a test. As the red hooded skeletal man chased him, he realized he wanted to talk to his friends again. He wanted to buy a train ticket and travel through Europe before returning home. Once he reached the hostel, he made a call to his parents and let them know he was okay.

Director: Andrew Donoho Year: 2018

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