Video Review: Madison Beer & Offset “Hurts Like Hell”

While sitting in the bathtub, Madison Beer puts her hands over the candles to light them She watches a young woman on television. The young woman peeks through one of the stables. Beer’s eyes narrow as she sees her ex-boyfriend pull the young woman’s arm and throw her to the ground.

In bed, her ex-boyfriend reads a book. Lit in fuchsia, his arms are tied to the bed. She materializes into his room and licks his face. She pokes his arm with a knife. With only his two lamps on beside him, he looks to the left and right.

She walks in the stables. Lit in red, she stands against one of the wooden stalls. She raises her hand and turns off the light above her.

Her ex-boyfriend lights his torch. A mob of people between fortysomething and seventysomething carry their torches, led by a priest. She watches them approach her. They tie her to the stake.

Lit in red, Offset raps in the stall as Beer continues to lean against the wall. The young man lits the stake on fire. On television, her eyes flash while she stays still. Her ex-boyfriend clenches his teeth and shouts while being tied to the stake. The shocked mob turn their heads away. In the back of the mob, she winks and walks away.

Rating: 4/5

Madison Beer waved her hand in front of the stove. There was no heat. She turns the dial to “HI” and the pot starts to boil. She runs her hand over her dirty plate. The crumbs continue to stick to the plate. She points the remote at the television. However, the light blinks for a few seconds and then shuts off.

The ancestors believe she is abusing her powers again. She creates a circle using pepper on her carpet and sits cross-legged inside of it. Reciting a spell, she summons her ancestors to speak to her. Her grandma says she’s disturbing fate. A great-aunt advises it would lead to further darkness. A great-great-cousin says it what they must do until they can trust her again. She tells him he deserved to die. Her grandma says she’s not God.

She trudges to school in her snow boots and finishes the difficult questions on her quizzes. She drives to the grocery store and lets several people with fewer items go ahead of her. She helps raise money for a charity event and walks in the marathon.

A month later, while she closed her eyes in the bathtub, the television switched on. The unfamiliar voices woke her up and she watched a young woman at her school wander the halls, her head down. Her ancestors wanted her to help. A group of female classmates knock down her books and mock her. She clenches her teeth but puts her hands to her sides. It was the young woman who needed her. She closes her eyes and walks the halls of the school.

Director: Mike Harris Year: 2018

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