Video Review: Backstreet Boys “No Place”

AJ sits in the family room with his two little girls. Ava and Lyric. He claps with them. Nick sits on the couch and reads to his little boy, Odin. Brian’s teenage son, Baylee, plays basketball in the gym. Brian puts his arm around his wife, Leighanne and points as she holds the pool cue. Howie watches his children, James and Holden, on the swing in the backyard as his wife, Leigh pushes them. He and his family hang out in the tree house. Leigh puts her head on his shoulder as they watch their kids.

Nick cuddles with his wife, Lauren on the couch. Lauren ruffles Nick’s hair. Nick and Odin play in the family room. Nick holds Odin as they swim in the lake. Nick kisses Lauren as they drink coffee. AJ talks with Rochelle at the kitchen. Kevin and Kristin dance in the mountains. Brian kisses Leighanne as they play pool.

Kevin Kristin, and their two sons, Maxwell and Mason watch the sunset together. Kevin hands sticks to his son as they roast marshmallows over the campfire. AJ dances with his daughters. Brian, wearing a chef’s hat, cooks with Leighanne and Baylee in the kitchen. AJ takes a photo of his daughters on his phone. Brian and Baylee play basketball. Brian spins the basketball on his finger. Holden gives Howie a high-five while helping cook. Baylee plays pool with Brian and Leighanne. Kristin plucks the marshmallow of Kevin’s stick and eats it. AJ asks Lyric if she likes the song. She answers “yes” as she takes his hand. She tells him “again, again.” He points to the camera and says “that’s the perfect way to end it.”

Rating: 5/5

Kevin asks Maxwell and Mason if they have go the bathroom. Maxwell says he already went. Mason says he’s fine. Kristin says they’ll try again just to be sure. Kevin grabs the duffel bags and gives one to Maxwell to hold. He and Maxwell load the truck. Kevin sits in the car as he waits for his wife. Maxwell plays video games in the backseat. Kristin puts Mason in the backseat and tells him to be nice to his brother. Kristin and Kevin think of games of to play while driving to the campsite. Maxwell says he’s bored.

Brian suggests a pointer for Baylee as they play basketball. Baylee nods his head and follows through on the free throw. Brian claps for him and asks him about his classes. Baylee shrugs, says his French test was bit more difficult than he expected. Over dinner, Leighanne says she received a letter from the school about freshman orientation. Baylee says they don’t have to come. Leighanne and Brian say they are going in unison.

Lyric asks AJ to watch her as she dances. She wants to teach him what she learned in class. AJ points his toes and bends. Lyric calls out “no, you’re doing it wrong, Daddy” and moves his foot. Ava bounces up and down. Rochelle smiles as she listens from the kitchen. AJ falls towards the mantle, yelling “ow!” Rochelle comes into the family room and tells them enough for now. She says Daddy has to rest. AJ gives her a kiss on the cheek and rubs his back. She asks him what happened. He said he’s not 20 anymore.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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