Video Review: Jennifer Paige “Sober”

A plane lands on the runway. Jennifer Paige, carrying a metal case, walks into the lobby. She sits in the chair and crosses her legs. She stands up and puts her hand on the small of her back.

A young woman sits in a taxi and presses her arms against her chest. She opens her metal case and reads a letter. She rips it up into tiny pieces.

Paige tugs at a strand of her hair and puts her heel on the metal case. She reads the newspaper and kicks away the metal case. Paige lies on her back on the floor and rolls over on her stomach. She traces the floor with her finger.

A young man runs his hand over his face as he sits in the taxi.

Paige watches a plane fly over the airport through the skyroof. She crawls on the floor and drinks from a cup with her lips.

A second young woman kicks the window of the taxi. The young man checks his watch and gets out of the taxi. Paige pulls at her bottom lip. As a young man runs into the lobby, she picks up her metal case and leaves.

An airplane lands on the runway.

Rating: 1/5

Jennifer Paige reads the newspaper as she waits in the lobby. In a few hours, she’ll be home with her family. On the payphone, she talks with her mom and says she’s preparing to board in a half hour. Her mom tells to call as soon as she lands. Her dad gets on the phone and says they can’t wait to meet her boyfriend. She says ok and hangs up.

She forces a smile as she says she’s looking forward to it. They were thrilled when she sent them pictures of her with her boyfriend. However, she realized they better off as roommates. Although they made a great-looking couple, she wasn’t in love with him. She wants to go home and have some of her mom’s homemade stuffed peppers.

Her boyfriend believes she’s homesick. The vacation is what she needs. However, he needs to know that she doesn’t have to choose between her life back home and her new one. It’s as though she hasn’t given herself permission to change. She’s on track for a promotion at her job and has made a lot of friends in her new home. While he sits beside her on the plane, he looks out the window while she flips through the magazine. Every so often, she’ll grumble about her arm rest and he would give her some space. She smiles at him but he knows she’s slipping away. He’s going to lose her.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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