Video Review: Destiny’s Child “Jumpin’ Jumpin'”

Beyoncé drives her friends, Kelly, Farrah and Michelle to the club at night.

Beyoncé dances in her room. Kelly runs her hand along her neck as she sits on the couch. Farrah sits on her bed.

Two guys take away a third guy’s guitar inside their apartment. One of the men shaves and does push-ups.  Michelle puts lotion in her hand and applies it to Farrah’s hair. Michelle puts on her earrings. They dance before they leave.

Beyoncé makes a hard left and switches lanes. They sing along to the radio in the car.

The guys talk as they drive to the club. Beyoncé swerves as she turns. Both cars get stopped at the red light. Beyoncé winks at one of the guys and hits the pedal once the light turns green. The guys speed up to catch up with them.

Beyoncé, Kelly, Michelle and Farrah dance on stage at the club.The guys raise their hands as they sit at their table. A young woman makes a call on the payphone. The guys join them on stage.

Rating: 2.5/5

Farrah puts her textbook down and groans. Kelly says she has all weekend to study for sociology test. Michelle paints her nails and blows on them. Beyoncé says it’s been a stressful week and they are going out. Kelly and Michelle exchange glances. Kelly asks about Beyoncé’s sort of boyfriend. Beyoncé says it’s not a big deal. Michelle says she’ll change once her nails dry.

In the car, Beyoncé turns the radio up. They sing to every song. Kelly holds onto the dashboard as Beyoncé turns. Michelle urges Beyoncé to slow down. Farrah, though, asks her to stop and says she’s driving like a crazy woman. Beyoncé scoffs and speeds away from the light.

At the club, they get asked to dance on stage for a few songs. Beyoncé is able to get them some free drinks. Farrah snatches Beyoncé’s keys away from her while she’s flirting with a guy. Michelle says she didn’t eat enough and feels sick. Kelly helps Michelle in the bathroom. Beyoncé dances on the table. Farrah asks her to get down. Beyoncé calls her a killjoy. Farrah  motions for Kelly’s help. Kelly convinces Beyoncé to join them on the floor, saying Michelle’s not feeling well, Beyoncé pouts. Kelly holds onto Beyoncé as she stumbles. Farrah asks Michelle if she’s okay. Michelle vomits by a bush as they walk to the car. Farrah clicks the remote and opens the car. Michelle opens the window. Beyoncé passes out. Kelly keeps on eye on Michelle. Farrah looks in the rearview mirror and maintains the speed limit as she drives home.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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