Video Review: lovelytheband “These Are My Friends”

Mitchy, wearing a rose pink shirt and pants, opens a door and plays guitar against the white background. In matching outfits, Sam and Jordan play their instruments.

Against a charcoal background, about a dozen people stand in silhouette.

Mitchy stands by himself against the white background. A group of people talk at Mitchy while he stands in the center of the group. White marks are scratched on the people, erasing them. Mitchy sees two versions of himself to the right and left. Mitchy walks past two mannequins as he walks to the door.

Lit in blood-red, Mitchy opens the door again, wearing a black tank top and pants and plays with the band. Mannequins spin around them. Several people move their arms in the center, their bodies outlined hot pink. Mitchy stands in the group again. Red marks are scratched on the people. Mitchy spins as he stands next to two mannequins. He walks back to the door again.

Walking through the door again, he wears a white shirt, a black hat and white pants as he and the band play against a black background. Mitchy, Jordan and Sam spin against the black background.

They sing in white boxes against animated black background. White boxes move on the top and bottom of the screen.

Mitchy holds a cup as he sits at the head of the dinner table against a black background. People toast and talk. People talk in their own squares. People dance against the black background while the band plays.

Rating: 1/5

Mitchy doesn’t even know who half the people are sitting in front of him. Some of them mentioned his social media posts and he realized he had invited everyone on his page. They talked about their marriages and jobs. He made small talk between multiple shots. An hour later, he, Jordan and Sam left while the group of people continued to talk.  They only showed up to see the semi-famous version of himself.

At an industry party, a producer offers him a drink and talks with him. He flirts with a young woman, who asks him about his next video. He tweets at them afterwards and tags them in his photos. In direct messages, they talk about their new projects and how Mitchy can fit into them. To them, he’s an entity.

Real friends have become difficult to find. Sometimes, it seems Sam and Jordan are the only ones who understand. They are dealing with the sudden fame together. It seems as though he won’t be able to break away from them, though. However, he prefers to by himself than deal with small talk from strangers.

Director: Hoeg/Beach Year: 2018

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