Video Review: Mike Posner “Move On”

A title card against  a black phone screen introduces Mike Posner. Posner, with bushy hair and a beard, smiles. The title cards explain “since I made ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza  there have been a lot ups and downs.” He strums his guitar by his staircase and performs for millions of people.

The title card says “beginnings always hide themselves in ends.” His dad pats him on the back as he blows out the candles on his cake. Title card says “my dad got brain cancer.” His mom and dad play Connect 4. His mom helps him at the hospital. While his dad wears a wig, the title card reads: “he died.”

The title card continues: “Sometimes when I’m alone, I still cry. I miss him. My girlfriend and I broke up. My friend Aviici died.” He and Aviici talk. As he performs on stage, the title card says “I’ve been feeling kind of off.”

Posner, with the bushy hair and beard, wipes a tear from his eye. The title cards that he “was tired of moping around.” He started to play basketball and ziplined into the lake while the title card says “life is short.” According to another title card, he has to made some changes to his life: “growing a huge beard because I want to” and he shaves it off. As he dances on stage, he has started touring again. However, on March 1, 2019, he’s going to take a year off and walk across America. He jumps into the ocean.

A title card asks: “why would I do such a thing?” The next card answers: “‘Cuz I want to!!!” He lies on the grass and points to the mountains. The final title card says “see you out there.”

Rating: 4/5

2016 was the best year of Mike Posner’s life. He finally had a hit single again. His dad bragged to his friends that it was his son on the radio. He had found a wonderful girl he loved. He was traveling around world again and being asked to attend award shows.

While touring, he received the news his dad was sick and didn’t have much time. He talked to his parents as much as he could and begged his manager for time off. He returned home and visited his dad in the hospital and then said goodbye to him. He broke down after his dad’s funeral and stayed in his childhood bedroom for weeks. His girlfriend urged him to see a therapist or talk with a grief counselor. He fought with her, shouting that he wasn’t crazy and he could handle it himself. She told him she couldn’t be with him anymore.

Avicii called him to check on him. It was great to hear from one of his close friends. His friend invited him to the islands. However, he never get the chance. Avicii died on April 20,2018. The few bits of happiness he felt since his dad passed, dissipated as he fell apart at his friend’s funeral.

Several months later, after he started feeling better again, he realized he wanted to see of all the United States on foot. He’ll visit bars and family restaurants in the small towns. He’ll talk to the regulars and meet the locals. It’ll be something bigger than any song he could write.

Directors: Zac Zlatic and Mike Posner Year: 2019

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