Video Review: Vitamin C “The Itch”

Vitamin C pushes the gold silk sheet against her as she sits in the chair in her bedroom. A young woman (Kirsten Dunst), wearing a black outfit, gets from her chair as she observes on the television screen in her office. She types on the computer. The young woman watches Vitamin C grabs at the crystals circling her wrist. Vitamin C stares at the aparment below her and walks on the ledge. A young man glances up at Vitamin C while he talks on his phone.

On screen, the young woman glances at some clips from the 2001 film, Get Over It. A second young woman (Mila Kunis) stirs her drink in her kitchen. The crystals wrap around her wrist.

From the clip, Berke (Ben Foster) and Kelly (Kirsten Dunst) talk by the lockers. Berke carries a box while Vitamin C and several others follow behind him.

The second young woman hands the young man a cup. Vitamin C puts her hands on her hips while she watches the young woman and man kiss. Vitamin C takes the elevator. Wearing a blue crop top and skirt, she and several men dance on one of the floors. The second young woman looks up from her computer to see Vitamin C blow the crystals into several people’s faces. A second young man touches her face. She smiles at the young man next to her as she drives.

The young woman smiles at Berke talking on the basketball clip from the film. She sees the ringlet of crystals twist around her wrist and gets up. On screen, Berke and Kelly kiss in the flim. The young woman blows a kiss.

Rating: 3/5

Vitamin C could get any man she wants. However, during her missions, she is supposed to distribute crystals designed to pair up two people. Her boss directs her throughout the evening to the single women, letting her know how many crystals she has left. Vitamin C touches or blows the crystals to the women to instill confidence in them. After she has made her matches, her boss has her follow up on previous couples. Her boss discovers a previous couple is in the process of breaking up and tells her to stop by diner. Vitamin C passes by the woman, the crystals grazing the woman’s shoulder.

Her boss works 12 hour shifts and usually is the first person to pick up overtime. Vitamin C has told her she needs to take a vacation. Her boss responds she loves her work and what else she has to do. Vitamin C shakes her head and says she’s going to have to live her life someday.

In between monitoring, she’ll watch romantic movies over and over. Vitamin C asks her what she’s watching. The young woman says it’s some bad teen movie but it’s the only thing she hasn’t seen. During the last hour of her shift, Vitamin C blows the crystals towards her boss. It reaches her boss’ hand and she says Vitamin C can leave early, she’s going out for a change and calling out tomorrow. Vitamin C grins and tells her to have fun.

Director: Brothers Strause Year: 2000

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